Œuvrer son cri

  • Theater
Sacha Ribeiro
Performed by
Logan De Carvalho, Camille Davy, Alicia Devidal, Léa Emonet, Marie Menechi, Clément Soumy, Simon Terrenoire, Alice Vannier

Écriture collective

Since participating in the April 2016 occupation of the Célestins theatre, artists from the company Courir à la Catastrophe have drawn on this experience to create a play within a play exploring the association between artistic expression and political action.

Using true events as a basis for fictional tales with a deep connection to our lives, the company gives us a light-hearted yet profound take on the world we live in. A highly objective piece that takes the time to analyse the extent of our actions and commitments, but also the things that hold us back, to convey an alternative vision of strength, beauty, and success.
In Œuvrer son cri, a group of artists occupies a theatre which is about to be torn down. In an effort to stop the demolition, the actors begin rehearsing a play whose subject is the takeover itself. Three different dimensions are interwoven before our very eyes, until we can no longer tell if we are watching a real occupation, rehearsals for a performance, or the performance itself. This latest piece from Courir à la Catastrophe is a joyful theatrical experiment that makes us think about how we can go beyond activism to put politics back at the centre of our lives.


“Running to avoid putting down roots, running around the world, running in the streets, running until we are out of breath… Stretching our limits, running wild, making mistakes, falling down… At the risk, ever-present, of running into catastrophe.”

This is the motto of Courir à la Catastrophe, a young company from Lyon who won the Prix Célest’1 in 2019 and took centre stage from the 4th to the 16th of January with three productions, including one original creation. This is an opportunity to discover the work of this company which takes on political issues to create theatre that, rather than an escape from real life, is a full immersion into it – performances which are constantly searching, rummaging, turning things inside out, trying to dissect life’s mechanisms to gain a better understanding of who we are and what we do.

  • Creation
  • Coproduction
Running time
1 : 30

    from 8 to 20 €
    Rate / place for 2 or 3 shows

    Set designer – Camille Davy / Light designer – Clément Soumy / Costume designer – Léa Emonet / Video – Jules Bocquet

    Production: Compagnie Courir à la Catastrophe
    Coproduction: Célestins – Théâtre de Lyon

    With the support of Ateliers Médicis and device Création en Cours

    “En ces temps où le repli sur soi est fortement stimulé, la compagnie de théâtre « Courir à la catastrophe » donne comme signal tout le contraire. « Courez au théâtre ». Et elle a bien raison car elle ne vous fera pas regretter le déplacement. […] Les sept comédiens venus pour la plupart de l’ENSATT ou de la comédie de Saint-Étienne démontrent qu’ils ont un vrai talent collectif, sachant mêler légèreté et propos plus politiques sans ennuyer. Bien au contraire”. France 3 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

    “Œuvrer son cri prouve à quel point ses membres savent rire de certaines situations malcommodes, voire dramatiques. Un regard sarcastique, mais tendre, sur eux-mêmes, moteur même de leur création”. Les Trois Coups

    “Tout sonne juste sans en faire trop, et ça fait du bien”. Tribune de Lyon

    Bord de scène
    ven. 7 jan. après la représentation