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Noëmie Ksicova
Noëmie Ksicova, Cécile Péricone
Performed by
Lumir Brabant, Anne Cantineau en alternance avec Cécile Péricone, Juliette Launay, Théo Oliveira Machado, Antoine Mathieu et Noëmie Ksicova

How can we keep those who are no longer with us alive, keep them close? Noëmie Ksicova pulls on the threads of absence and grief in a delicate piece which employs great sensitivity to address that which is beyond repair.

Loss. This is the title chosen by Noëmie Ksicova for her latest piece, a creation which continues the exploration of memory she has been pursuing since the beginning of her career four years ago. The writer and director shows us a family shaken to its core by the suicide of one of its members. It all begins with the carefree happiness of a birthday. People are laughing, drinking champagne, blowing out candles.  Rudy is celebrating his 17th birthday. Soon after, he will throw himself under a train, plunging his relatives into a limbo of intolerable grief.
Noëmie Ksicova’s piece assembles a group of characters who, moved by absolute necessity, by heightened emotions, decide to go to the extreme of the things that disturb them.  Refusing to live without Rudy, his parents, sister, and girlfriend invent a new existence for him. They shatter convention and refuse to forget, asserting a fierce desire to keep the one they love alive. Why should the dead be destined only to cease to exist?

Running time
1 : 10

from 9 to 26 €

Light designer – Annie Leuridan / Music – Bruno Maman / Set designer – Céline Diez / Drama perspective – Camille Louis / Choreographic perspectiveJohan Amselem / Constructed by Atelier du Théâtre du Nord

Production: Compagnie Ex-Oblique
Coproduction: Le Phénix – Scène nationale de Valenciennes – Pôle européen de création Campus Amiens-Valenciennes, La Maison de la Culture d’Amiens

With the support of DRAC Hauts-de-France, la Région Hauts-de-France, la SPEDIDAM, le Théâtre du Chevalet – Scène conventionnée de Noyon, le Centre dramatique national de Béthune, le Théâtre Paris-Villette

“Autour des parents joués par Anne Cantineau et Antoine Matthieu, acteurs confirmés et touchants dans leur insistance à chercher la faille qu’ils n’ont pas su voir sans sombrer dans le pathos, trois jeunes acteurs font leurs débuts sur un plateau. Et c’est un choc.” Les Inrockuptibles

“Avec pudeur et délicatesse, c’est un chemin vers l’apaisement pour Noëmie Ksicova qui part de l’intime vers l’universel.” La Voix du Nord

“Autour du suicide d’un adolescent, Noëmie Ksicova signe un spectacle aussi intime qu’universel, éblouissant de vie”. Les Inrocks

“La puissance simple de Loss fera date.” I/O Gazette