La Peur

  • Theater
François Hien
Arthur Fourcade, François Hien / Compagnie L’Harmonie Communale
Performed by
Estelle Clément-Bealem, Arthur Fourcade, Marc Jeancourt, Ryan Larras, Pascal Césari

Theatre company L’Harmonie Communale loves to tell stories based on current affairs. After a 2020 production inspired by the Vincent Lambert case, this is the story of a priest who is worried about his homosexuality and who finds himself testifying against a bishop accused of having covered up the actions of a paedophile.

Father Guérin loses his parish after his relationship with another man is discovered. He becomes a confessor for men of the Church, and when he finds out about father Grésieux’s paedophilia in a confession, he informs the police. He could also report the bishop – who knew but had kept it secret – but he convinces father Guérin not to pursue the matter.
In return for his silence, father Guérin is allowed to return to pastoral work. However, a young man comes to see him – a former victim of father Grésiex, come to persuade him to testify. The conversation that follows will have a profound effect on both men.
“Despite the difficult themes it addresses, La Peur is a piece that leads us towards the light” – François Hien. Taking inspiration from the Barbarin affair and the testimony of victims of paedophile priests, as well as the story of a priest who was suspended from the church after coming out as a homosexual, this new play shines a light on the fear that leads to silence and secrecy. Fear of seeing our secrets revealed, fear of losing a loved one, fear of loneliness, fear of scandal… This performance from L’Harmonie Communale depicts a system cemented in lies; yet it is also a story of liberation. The liberation of a priest who overcomes his fears to accomplish something courageous: placing himself on the side of the truth in order to move on and open the way to healing.


  • Creation
  • Coproduction
Running time
1 : 50

    from 9 to 26 €



    General technic and light designer – Nolwenn Delcamp-Risse / Set designer – Anabel Strehaiano / Costume designer – Sigolène Petey / Production/diffusion – Nicolas Ligeon

    Production: Ballet Cosmique
    Production support: DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes
    Coproduction: Célestins – Théâtre de Lyon, La Mouche – Saint-Genis-Laval, Centre culturel Charlie Chaplin – Vaulx-en-Velin

    Thanks to Théâtre Gérard Philipe de Saint-Denis and TNP de Villeurbanne

    La Peur est une pièce à la fois formidable et austère. Courrez-y !” Le Progrès

    “François Hien s’empare du sujet délicat de la dissimulation de la pédocriminalité au sein de l’Église. Avec, toujours, ce courage de la nuance qui caractérise son travail”. Sceneweb

    Meet the cast: the 18th, 24th, 27th and 30th after the performances