Habiter le temps

  • Theater
Rasmus Lindberg
Michel Didym
Performed by
Éric Berger, Irène Jacob, Jérôme Kircher, Hana Sofia Lopes, Catherine Matisse, Julie Pilod

From Swedish playwright Rasmus Lindberg, this family thriller with its choppy narrative plunges us into the metaphysical mysteries surrounding the tortuous uncertainty of the human condition.

Dialogues intersect. Events collide and eras overlap. Habiter le temps, with its syncopated, interwoven stories, is a unique take on the family drama, a form dear to Scandinavian theatre. It all begins in 1913, after a blazing row between Kristin and Erik. At that moment there is an accident, a tragic event that will affect the lives of Stefan and Caroline in 1968.  And those of Myriam and Hannele in 2014.
From generation to generation, the destinies of these three couples echo one another in their pain, their guilt, their struggle to cope – like a polyphonic choir with each person singing their own dysfunctional melody. “Everything in this piece is meticulously put together, so the actors have to work with diabolical precision” – director Michel Didym. Set within an immutable family unit, this shifting drama is a reflection of our uncertain times. Rasmus Lindberg gives voice and freedom to the confusion of modern life, and tells the story of people who are lost within themselves – desperately hilarious or hilariously desperate.

  • Coproduction
Running time
1 : 40
Main auditorium

    from 7 to 40 €

    Translation – Marianne Ségol-Samoy / Set designer – Clio Van Aerde / Light designer – Joël Hourbeigt / Costume designer – Jean-Daniel Vuillermoz / Music – Philippe Thibault, Nicolas Pierre / Maqke-up and hair – Kuno Schlegelmilch / Choreography – Cécile Bon / Assistant director – Yves Storper / Constructed by Ateliers du Théâtre de la Ville de Luxembourg, La Manufacture – Centre dramatique national Nancy Lorraine

    Production: La Manufacture – Centre dramatique national Nancy Lorraine
    Executive production: Compagnie Boomerang
    Coproduction: Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg, Célestins – Théâtre de Lyon, Le Manège – Scène nationale de Maubeuge, Théâtre de Liège