Fuck Me

  • Show
Marina Otero
Performed by
Augusto Chiappe, Juan Francisco López Bubica, Marina Otero, Fred Raposo, Matías Rebossio, Cristian Vega, Miguel Valdivieso

Created in 2020 at the Buenos Aires International Festival, Fuck Me is the final episode in a political, autobiographical fiction by Argentinian writer Marina Otero. A smouldering piece on the effects of ageing.

“I thought that I would always be centre stage, like a heroine avenging herself on everyone and everything. But my body couldn’t keep up with all those battles. Now, I let the other actors take my place. I watch as they allow me to use their bodies for my narcissistic ends.” The actors Marina Otero is talking about are all men. Five dancers who surround her and give their all – even stripping stark naked in a bold explosion of generosity. Marina Otero is a choreographer, dancer, performer, and icon of the alternative scene in Argentina; Fuck Me is the continuation of an endless piece based on her own life. A piece which pursues her exploration of the “I” as raw material for the set, of distorting reality, and of transforming the ego into an act of abandoning the self to another. Breaking down the barriers between documentary and fiction, chance and performance, Fuck Me scrutinises the idea of passing time and the scars it leaves on the body. An explosively sincere piece, radiant in its irreverence.

Programmed as part of the Festival Sens Interdits, festival international de théâtre

Running time
1 : 00
Main auditorium

    from 13 to 25 €

    • SHOW IN SPANISH with french subtitles
    • Not recommended for children under 16 years old

    Litterary manager and director – Marina Otero / Assistant director – Lucrecia Pierpaoli / Assistant choreographer – Lucia Giannoni / Dramaturgic advice – Martín Flores Cárdenas / Lighting and set designer – Adrián Grimozzi / Costume designer – Uriel Cistaro / Stylism of the costumes – Chu Riperto / Costume design – Adriana Baldani / Digital edition and original music – Julián Rodriguez Rona / Visual artist – Lucio Bazzalo / Photography – Matias Kedak / Technical Assistant – Victoria Momeño / Visual Arts Assistant – Javier González Tuñón

    Production: Mariano de Mendonça
    Executive production: Marina D’ Lucca, Mariano de Mendonça
    Coréalisation: Festival Sens Interdits, Célestins – Théâtre de Lyon