En réalités

  • Theater
According to
“La Misère du monde” de Pierre Bourdieu
Alice Vannier
Performed by
Anna Bouguereau, Margaux Grilleau, Thomas Mallen, Sacha Ribeiro, Vincent Steinebach, Judith Zins

En réalités gives a voice to those who, in one way or another, bear the brunt of the world’s social deprivation. A masterful creation which won the first ever Prix Célest’1 in 2019.

Published in 1993, La Misère du monde is based on a field study carried out by a team of twenty-three sociologists under the direction of Pierre Bourdieu.  An investigation which focuses not only on the “deprived conditions” that come with material poverty, but also the “deprived status”, that comes with the inferior position a person can occupy in a world of privilege. It provides a vision that stretches across all areas of society. Interviews with a homeless couple, an executive secretary, an immigrant worker, two building managers, an unemployed woman, three college students, a woman in a nursing home…
These men and women all indirectly accuse one another of being the enemy – without even knowing that they are connected by shared conflicts, struggles, and dreams.  Alice Vannier notes: “Despite the book’s title, I think that this project brings a great deal of joy, hope, and even humour. Because what emerges from these accounts is above all courage – the courage to admit how hard it is to feel that you exist.” Performed by a formidable group of actors, this musical show tunes into opposing and complementary visions of reality, all the while conjuring a piece of theatre that is constantly moving and exploring, plunging us into life up to the hilt.


“Running to avoid putting down roots, running around the world, running in the streets, running until we are out of breath… Stretching our limits, running wild, making mistakes, falling down… At the risk, ever-present, of running into catastrophe.”

This is the motto of Courir à la Catastrophe, a young company from Lyon who won the Prix Célest’1 in 2019 and took centre stage from the 4th to the 16th of January with three productions, including one original creation. This is an opportunity to discover the work of this company which takes on political issues to create theatre that, rather than an escape from real life, is a full immersion into it – performances which are constantly searching, rummaging, turning things inside out, trying to dissect life’s mechanisms to gain a better understanding of who we are and what we do.

  • Carry-over 2019-20
Running time
1 : 35

    from 8 to 20 €
    Rate / place for 2 or 3 shows

    Adaptation – Marie Menechi, Alice Vannier / Artistic collaboration – Marie Menechi / Set designer – Camille Davy / Light designer – Clément Soumy / Sound designer – Manon Amor

    Production: Compagnie Courir à la Catastrophe / Antisthène
    Coproduction: Théâtre 13, Théâtre des Clochards Célestes

    With the support of : Arcadi Île-de-France, Fondation Polycarpe, ENSATT, Opéra de Massy, SACD

    “En 1h30, l’équipe convertit discours analytique et entretiens en scènes successives, faisant intelligemment théâtre de tout et avec peu”. Sceneweb

    “Trouvant constamment le bon équilibre, la troupe séduit par sa capacité à livrer frontalement un message politique qu’ils se sont appropriés tout en faisant absolument confiance à l’art théâtral pour relayer leurs préoccupations”. Le Petit Bulletin

    “Avec peu, Alice Vannier fait beaucoup. Sa mise en scène virevoltante, rythmée, frappe les esprits, réveille les consciences endormies. Véritable uppercut théâtral, En réalités est un spectacle d’utilité public, le voir est une nécessité”. L’Œil d’Olivier

    “La pièce est limpide dans sa construction, et on est frappé par l’effort de rigueur intellectuelle dans son travail de vulgarisation. Elle est portée par des acteurs justes, profonds et drôles, aussi à l’aise dans la peau des personnages interviewés que dans celle de cette espèce humaine mystérieuse et cocasse qu’on appelle les sociologues”. I/O Gazette