Change Me

  • Theater
According to
Ovide, Isaac de Benserade et la vie de Brandon Teena
Camille Bernon, Simon Bourgade
Performed by
Camille Bernon, Pauline Bolcatto, Pauline Briand, Baptiste Chabauty, Mathieu Metral

Interweaving mythological figures, 17th century theatre and an event from the 1990s, Change Me explores the issue of transidentity. Staged as a thriller, the play draws the audience into a teenage party that ends in tragedy.

As recounted by Ovid in Metamorphoses and taken up by Isaac de Benserade in the 17th century, the myth of Iphis and Ianthe sheds light on the fate of a baby girl secretly brought up as a boy by his mother to save her from being killed. Having reached marriageable age, Iphis is promised to Ianthe, whom she loves and is loved in return. Deciding to come to the aid of the two young people due to marry, the goddess Isis transforms Iphis into a young man, giving free rein to their passion.
In Change Me, Camille Bernon and Simon Bourgade contrast the verses of Ovid and Isaac de Benserade with a tragic event that occurred in the United States in the early 1990s, namely the rape and murder of a young transgender man by his friends following the discovery of his birth gender. Through this kaleidoscope performance presented as a thriller, the two co-directors create a myth for our modern times.
In societies that have always censored, denied and marginalized transgender individuals, they show how history repeats itself and reveals itself – whatever the era – in all its violence.

  • Carry-over 2020-21
Running time
1 : 35
Théâtre de la Croix Rousse

    from 5 to 27 €


    Théâtre de la Croix-Rousse

    Place Joannès-Ambre Lyon 4e
    Métro ligne C (arrêts Croix- Rousse, Hénon ou Cuire)
    Bus lignes C13, 33 et 38 (arrêt Hôpital Croix-Rousse) ou C1 (arrêt Cuire)

    Set designer – Benjamin Gabrié / Light designer – Coralie Pacreau / Sound designer –  Vassili Bertrand / Video – Raphaëlle Uriewicz / Artistic collaboration – Mathilde Hug / Cartoon design – Marie Blandine Madec / Cartoon direction – Angèle Chiodo

    Delegated production: Compagnie Mauvais Sang
    Coproduction: Théâtre Paris-Villette

    With support from the Ville de Paris, DRAC d’Île-de-France – Ministère de la Culture, L’Adami, Arcadi – Île-de-France, CENTQUATREPARIS, Le Jeune théâtre national and Le Théâtre de la Tempête.
    This project was written with assistance from the Beaumarchais-SACD association.

    “Un uppercut pleine face”. L’Humanité

    “Un spectacle fort”. Le Canard enchainé

    Change Me fait rire, fait sursauter, fait réfléchir. Autant de raisons d’aller la voir et de se laisser porter”. Le Point

    “La compagnie Mauvais sang imagine et met en scène un spectacle magistral sur le thème de la dysphorie de genre. Des jeunes comédiens éblouissants et une complète et parfaite réussite ! À ne pas rater !” La Terrasse

    “Une pièce bouleversante, déchirante et terriblement d’actualité sur l’identité trans”.