Vilain !

  • Theater
  • Family show
According to
“Le Vilain Petit Canard” de Hans Christian Andersen
Alexis Armengol
Performed by
Nelly Pulicani, Romain Tiriakian, Shih Han Shaw

A young orphan is about to tell a tale that pursues her, that acts on her like a mirror, when she lets herself be caught up in her past. Show aimed at all audiences, Vilain! mixes the arts and speaks to us of a liberating renaissance.

Zoe is a young girl who does not know her parents. On the verge of reviving one of Andersen’s most beautiful tales (The Ugly Duckling, which reveals the misadventures of a baby swan who cannot find his place in the world because he believes he is a duckling), she finds himself in the middle of a storm. Abandoned, trying to find a refuge, she meets a friend whom she adopts for a few laughs. But her past blocks her. The tie. Until his metamorphosis.
Naughty! is the story of a rebound, of a resilience. Zoé gives herself a second birth. She remembers, sings and draws her memories. Along with the puzzles and obstacles in her existence, so many steps in her quest for identity. Focusing on words but also on images, Alexis Armengol’s show combines theater, music, painting and clowning. He creates an intergenerational theater that defends the imagination as a source of enrichment and individual construction.

Running time
1 : 10

    from 9 to 24 €



    • For everyone from 9 years old

    Writing, conception and direction – Alexis Armengol / Musical compositions and songs – Romain Tiriakian et Camille Trophème / Draws and animation film – Felix Blondel, Shih Han Shaw / Sound – Quentin Dumay / Light designer – Michèle Milivojevic / Costumes designer – Marion Montel / Scenography – Heidi Folliet / Scenographic look – Caroline Guiela Nguyen / Dramaturgical advice – Julien Fišera / Director’s assistant – Cindy Dalle

    Production: Théâtre à Cru
    Coproduction: Les Scènes du Jura – Scène nationale Dole, Théâtre Olympia – Centre dramatique national de Tours, MCB° – Scène nationale de Bourges, La Chartreuse de Villeneuve-lez-Avignon – Centre national des écritures du spectacle, Le Quai – Centre dramatique national Angers Pays de la Loire

    With the help of creation by the Conseil départemental d’Indre-et-Loire
    With the residence assistance and the dissemination support of the La Minoterie – Pôle de création jeune public et d’éducation artistique de Dijon, CREA / Festival Momix – Scène conventionnée Jeune public d’Alsace
    With the support of the Jeune théâtre national
    Set construction: Atelier de la MCB° – Scène nationale de Bourges

    Premiered on 8th nov. 2018 at Scènes du Jura – Scène nationale

    “Spectacle à l’énergie rock, voire hip-hop, « Vilain ! » fait monter l’émotion jusqu’à un flamboyant final”. Le Parisien

    “Courrez y emmener vos enfants, à partir de 8 ans. La jeunesse a droit aussi à du théâtre de qualité, subtil, qui va l’enchanter et la remuer intelligemment”. La Provence

    “Plein d’humour et de fantaisie, ce conte séduira grands et petits”. Les Trois Coups

    “Une pièce déjantée, captivante, émouvante et admirablement contemporaine”.

    Visite parents/enfants et atelier de pratique sam. 13 fév.
    + d’infos prochainement