(Patrick Dewaere)

  • Theater
Marion Aubert
Julien Rocha
Performed by
Margaux Desailly, Fabrice Gaillard, Johanna Nizard et Cédric Veschambre

Through winks to the life and filmography of Patrick Dewaere, four actors retrace the path of a man in movement, in search, in struggle. And draw a fictionalized vision of the untroubled beings that we are: on the border of the break with ourselves.

When we think of actor Patrick Dewaere, we think of his incredible sensitivity, his sincerity and his outbursts. We think of a man overwhelmed by the urgency to say, a man with deep convictions questioning his place in society. This incendiary reactivity is a mine for the theater. With their way of turning everything on their head and their crazy charm, the author Marion Aubert and the director Julien Rocha imagined a breathtaking fresco.
A very physical, very carnal fresco, which invests in a poetics of the human. Explosions of feelings, diving over a party with a tragic end, Surexpositions (Patrick Dewaere) is interested not only in the existence of the artist, but also in the characters of his films: Les Valseuses, Série noire, The best way to walk
Like the great figures of French cinema with whom he toured. What are we letting go of? What do we remember? How to face the void…? It is a question here of saying oneself through the name of another: borderline, on the wire.

  • Creation
  • Coproduction
Running time
1 : 50

    de 9 à 24 €

    Drama – Émilie Beauvais, Julien Rocha / Scénography – Clément Dubois/ Music – Benjamin Gibert / Light designer – Nicolas Galland / Video – Étienne Arnaud / Costume designer – Marie-Frédérique Fillon / Wigs – Cécile Kretschmar

    Production: Le Caméléon – Scène labellisée Pont-du-Château, Ville de Clermont-Ferrand, Célestins – Théâtre de Lyon, Château Rouge – Scène conventionnée Annemasse, Théâtre municipal d’Aurillac – Scène conventionnée

    With the support of La Chartreuse de Villeneuve lez Avignon – Centre national des écritures du spectacle, de La Maison Jacques Copeau – Pernand-Vergelesses et Du Théâtre du Marché aux Grains – Atelier de Fabrique artistique, Bouxwiller