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Fabien Gorgeart, Clotilde Hesme, Pascal Sangla
Fabien Gorgeart
Performed by
Clotilde Hesme, Pascal Sangla

Texte – Emmanuèle Bernheim

The actress Clotilde Hesme, the musician Pascal Sangla and the filmmaker Fabien Gorgeart take on a short story by Emmanuèle Bernheim. The story of a young woman who, after watching a Sylvester Stallone film, decides to change her life.

One evening, Lise, a 25-year-old medical secretary, goes to the cinema.
She is attending a screening of Rocky 3 – Eye of the Tiger, the third installment of the Hollywood blockbuster performed by Sylvester Stallone. This story of debacle and reconquest upsets her. Leaving the cinema, the young woman decides to take control of her life. She moves, breaks with her partner, resumes her medical studies, leaves the comfort zone in which she had settled to reinvent herself.
Standing behind a microphone, Clotilde Hesme immerses us in this story with the joyful and committed energy of a rock singer. Accompanied on stage by musician and sound creator Pascal Sangla, the actress gives life to a real field of emotions. We are touched at the heart by this existence which opens up to freedom, sincerity, daring. Unbridled and vibrant performance, Stallone takes us on the impetus of these vital forces.
By humorously asking the question of free will which allows everyone to make a clean sweep of the past to transform their destiny.

Running time
1 : 10

    from 9 to 24 €


    Sound designer and live music – Pascal Sangla / Light designer – Thomas Veyssiere / Director’s assistant – Aurélie Barrin

    Delegated production: CENTQUATRE-PARIS
    Coproduction: Festival d’Automne à Paris, Théâtre Sorano – Toulouse

    With the support of l’Adami et de GoGoGo films
    This show is on tour with le CENTQUATRE ON THE ROAD.
    Thanks to: Marie Collin, José-Manuel Gonçalvès, Serge Toubiana, Sébastien Bournac, Céline Gaudier, Cyril Gomez-Mathieu, Lucie Blain, Elisabeth Tanner, GoGoGo Films, Carine Ruszniewski, Louise Bansard, Coralie Diaz, Olivier Karila, Le collectif Le Bouillon, Raphaël Pfeiffer, Eponine Momenceau, Élodie Martin, Thibaut Demoor, Antoni Banasiak, Damien Maestraggi, Isabelle Buffetaut, Estelle Marratche, Marc Wilhelm, Marco Cohen, Le collectif « Groupe LAPS »
    From to Stallone by Emmanuèle Bernheim published by Éditions Gallimard

    First performance on 2 Oct. 2019 at Le Théâtre Sorano, Toulouse

    Stallone, estomaquante Clotilde Hesme”. Libération

    “Un spectacle qui à l’image de la rencontre que fait Lise avec la vedette la plus populaire des années 70 nous met le cœur au galop”.

    “Clotilde Hesme fait danser les mots d’Emmanuèle Bernheim comme elle fait danser le corps du boxeur Rocky Balboa, avec une classe et un humour qui n’appartiennent qu’à elle, dans cette partition où, sans doute, elle livre aussi en filigrane quelque chose d’elle”. Le Monde

    “Une soirée qui nous boxe de plaisir”.

    “Un petit bijou qui touche ceux qui aiment Stallone comme ceux qui ne l’aime pas.”

    Opportunity to meet the artists “offstage” after the show on Thursday, 10 June.