Enquête sur un hameau français

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Élise Chatauret
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Combining documentary investigation and theatrical fiction, writer-director Élise Chatauret invites the audience to share the daily life of a French hamlet, with its thirty inhabitants.

How can we convey a world that is in danger of disappearing?
How can we depict the fantasies of the city-dweller’s view of rural life?
How can the story of a real place be told on the stage of a theatre? Élise Chatauret answers these questions by creating Saint-Félix, enquête sur un hameau français [Saint-Félix, an investigation into a French hamlet], a play based on fictional interviews with the inhabitants of an isolated region of France.
Featuring four actors, puppets and small-scale models of buildings, this documented play brings the human and geographical reality of Saint-Félix to life. A hamlet is created before the audience’s eyes, with a history and life stories that intertwine to portray not only the desertification of rural areas, but also a return to nature, identity, differences and our relationship with the modern-day world. The play deals with these issues both in real terms and poetically, drawing on the experience of reality and transmitting a part of our heritage.

Running time
1 : 15

From 9 to 24 €

Drama and artistic collaboration – Thomas Pondevie / Sound designer – Lucas Lelièvre / Scenography and costume designer – Charles Chauvet / Puppets –Lou Simon/ Light création – Marie-Hélène Pinon

Production: Compagnie Babel Élise Chatauret
Coproduction: MC2: – Scène nationale de Grenoble, Festival théâtral du Val d’Oise, Le POC – alfortville

With the support of La DRAC d’Île-de-France – Ministère de la Culture, Le Théâtre Ouvert, CENTQUATREPARIS, Le Théâtre des deux Rives – Charenton, Arcadi Île-de-France, Département du Val-de-Marne, Le Fonds SACD pour le théâtre, L’Adami, La SPEDIDAM and La Ville de Paris
With the participation of artists from the Jeune théâtre national

Premiered on 4 Dec. 2018 at La Nouvelle Scène nationale de Cergy

“À partir d’une étude menée dans le Vexin, Élise Chatauret tire une pièce documentaire qui se fait l’écho du profond désarroi de la France rurale”. Libération

“Élise Chatauret part en campagne avec délicatesse”. Le Monde

“Quand un vent d’air vif et frais souffle sur nos scènes…” Les Échos

Aftershow talk with the artists on Thursday, 1 Oct.