Love (postponed)

  • Theater
Alexander Zeldin
Performed by
Waj Ali, Anna Calder-Marshall, Luke Clarke, Janet Etuk, Nick Holder, Hind Swareldahab (distribution en cours)
Show postponed to next season

The first of Alexander Zeldin’s plays to be staged in France, Love highlights the precarious lives of the most disadvantaged in our society, in an intense portrayal of real lives.

Alexander Zeldin believes that theatre should look at society from a new perspective and get as close as possible to what life is really like. This is exactly what the playwright-director does in Love, a play that invites the audience to share the funny and poignant moments that convey the reality of life in a British shelter for the homeless.
Characters of all ages and backgrounds – migrants, the unemployed and penniless pensioners – cross each other’s paths whilst waiting to be moved (at least in principle) to another home. This cohabitation, which is filled both with tension and much love, is a time of waiting.
The humiliation of promiscuity and the temptation to turn to violence are palpable. Brought to life by exceptional actors, Alexander Zeldin’s play focuses on the efforts of each character to keep their dignity. Far from being a simple documentary or example of thesis theatre, Love reinvests existence with an intensity that matches its true nature, which is both tragic and miraculous.

  • International United Kingdom
Running time
1 : 30
Main auditorium

from 7 to 40 €

  • SHOW IN ENGLISH with french subtitles

Scenography – Natasha Jenkins / Light designer – Marc Williams / Sound – Josh Anio Grigg / Movement coach – Marcin Rudy / Director’s assistant – Diyan Zora

New production: Odéon – Théâtre de l’Europe
Coproduction: A Zeldin Company
Original production: National Theatre of Great Britain, London (UK)
Coproduction: Birmingham Repertory Theatre (UK)

Original script published by Bloomsbury Methuen Drama in 2016

Premiered on 6 Dec. 2016 at the Dorfman Theatre — National Theatre of Great Britain, London (UK)