L’Heure bleue

  • Theater
David Clavel
Performed by
Maël Besnard, David Clavel, Emmanuelle Devos, Valérie De Dietrich, Daniel Martin, Anne Suarez

Portraying the twists and turns of a family reunion, L’Heure bleue [The Blue Hour] depicts the burden of memories, silences and misunderstandings. At the heart of this tragedy of things left unsaid lies a formidable cast of actors and the singular presence of Emmanuelle Devos.

The play is set in a family home tucked away among oak and chestnut trees on the side of a hill, at the top of a waterfall.  It is to this rambling old house, with its many corridors, staircases, dark corners and secrets, that a man returns to his past, with his wife and baby, to visit his brother, sister, mother-in-law and sick father. In the space of a day, all the family ties are reshuffled, setting in motion an intimate revolution which will affect everyone.
As a platform for an emotive, understated theatre, where the action serves to shed light on feelings incubating deep below the surface, L’Heure bleue is a play about love and truth, in which freedom and submission weave the threads of tragedy. Just like at a certain time of day, when nature appears to be of a single colour, but with countless nuances, the buried feelings of the past start to resurface. Everything that is never or hardly ever discussed, is revealed. The scene turns into a rare place, a land of confessions.

Running time
1 : 50

    from 7 to 40 €

    Artisti collaboration – Anne Suarez / Scenography – Emmanuel Clolus / Light designer – Thomas Cottereau / Costume designer – Nicolas Guéniau / Sound – Lisa Petit de la Rhodière / Director’s assistant – Juliette Bayi

    Executive production: CENTQUATRE-PARIS
    Coproduction: Théâtre de Nîmes – Scène conventionnée d’intérêt national-art et création-danse contemporaine, La Comédie de Reims – Centre dramatique national

    Stage art: Atelier du Grand T – Théâtre de Loire-Atlantique
    With the participation of artists from the Jeune théâtre national
    The text was first recited at La Mousson d’été (Pont-à-Mousson) on 28 August 2018.
    The play is currently touring with CENTQUATRE ON THE ROAD.

    Premiered on 14 January 2020 at La Comédie de Reims – Centre dramatique national

    “David Clavel joue avec les secrets d’une famille totalement désunie. Percutant”. Le Figaro

    “Avec une troupe d’acteurs formidables, David Clavel scrute dans l’Heure bleue les meurtrissures d’une famille corsetée depuis vingt ans par les non-dits”. Les Inrockuptibles

    Aftershow talk with the artists on Thursday, 21 Jan.