The Earth Revolts

  • Theater
Sara Llorca, Omar Youssef Souleimane, Guillaume Clayssen
Sara Llorca
Performed by
Sara Llorca, Elie Youssef, Raymond Hosny, Thomas Poitevin

La Terre se révolte [The Earth Revolts] is a joint project by director Sara Llorca and the Syrian poet – and refugee in France – Omar Youssef Souleimane, which combines theatre and dance to question the theme of otherness.

The play is set in Paris at the end of 2017. One night, in the intimate space of an attic room, a French philosophy student and a Syrian poet who has been granted political asylum in France forge an original epic, that is both tragic and comic.
They talk, drink beer and get to know each other through heated discussions, which form a vast contemporary saga, a philosophical tale that tackles the deepest geocultural issues of our century.  The audience travels with them, as well as with all the other characters they summon, between the East and the West, between dream and reality, past and present and great and small stories. The journey is portrayed by four actors, together in a space that is constantly being transformed.
Reflections on exile, war, difference, terrorism and family heritage… Without making moral judgements, La Terre se révolte highlights how we feel deep down about our era, how it drives our thoughts and what we should be doing differently.

  • Coproduction
Running time
1 : 20

from 9 to 24 €

Dramaturgy – Guillaume Clayssen / Music – Benoît Lugué / Choreography – Sara Llorca / Scenography and costume designer – Anne-Sophie Grac / Light creation – Camille Mauplot / Sound – Quentin Fleury, Benoît Lugué / Set – Julie Roëls / Assistant director – Céline Lugué

Production: Compagnie du Hasard Objectif
Coproduction: MC93 – Maison de la Culture de la Seine-Saint-Denis, Théâtre Gymnase-Bernardines de Marseille, MC2: – Scène nationale de Grenoble, Le Pont des Arts, Célestins – Théâtre de Lyon

With the support of the Adami and the SPEDIDAM

Aftershow talk with the artists on Wednesday, 2 Dec.