• Creation
Ivan Viripaev
Ambre Kahan
Performed by
Pénélope Avril, Laurent Meininger, Lucile Delzenne, Julie Bouriche, Jean Aloïs Belbachir, Olivier Dupuy, Laure Werckmann, Laurent Sauvage, Monica Budde, Yorick Adjal, Florent Favier, Charlotte Ravinet, Jean-Baptiste Cognet, Tristan Rothhut


Ivan Viripaev is the living Russian playwright most often performed in French theatres. His lucid and direct style of writing illuminates this choral work on the imbalances of our time.

There are fourteen people on stage, unable to stand up as, like us, they are stunned by accelerating historical change.
The pace of humankind seems to have been overtaken years ago and we are left staggering, with nothing to hold onto. But how can we face the world if we no longer have a crucial anchor point? This is the issued raised by Ivan Viripaev in Ivres [Drunk], a play that gives vent to the cries of the souls and hearts of its dizzy characters.
Yet they all try to stand vertically, back in their upright position, in a society that asks them to bend their backs. As the name implies, Ivres is about drunkenness. Or rather, through drunkenness, it sets out to convey something completely different, namely an awakening. Presented as a succession of tableaux in which couples, friends and strangers meet, confront each other and meet up again throughout the night, this sound and vision performance written by young director Ambre Kahan acts as an antidote that removes masks and filters.
The truth then hits us squarely between the eyes.

Running time
1 : 45
Main auditorium

from 7 to 40 €



Translation – Ambre Kahan and Anna Ivantchik / Music – Jean-Baptiste Cognet / Scenography – Anne-Sophie Grac / Sound – Marie Charles / Light designer – Zélie Champeau / Costume designer – Charlotte Gillard / Director’s assistant – Romain Tamisier

Production: Compagnie Get Out
Delegated production: Le Quai – Centre dramatique national d’Angers – Pays de la Loire
Coproduction: Théâtre de Versailles, Célestins – Théâtre de Lyon, Théâtre de Villefranche – Scène conventionnée, compagnie Klein Corp

First performance on 29 Sept. 2020 at Le Quai – Centre dramatique national Angers Pays de la Loire

Opportunity to meet the artists “offstage” after the show on Friday, 6 Nov.