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  • Family show
According to
“Le Capitaine Fracasse” de Théophile Gautier
Jean-Christophe Hembert
Performed by
David Ayala, Bruno Bayeux, Jean-Alexandre Blanchet, Jacques Chambon, Caroline Cons, Thomas Cousseau, Aurélia Dury, Eddy Letexier, Véronique Sacri, Vincent Schmitt, Loïc Varraut

Jean-Christophe Hembert is known for his role in television and film as Karadoc de Vannes in Kaamelot. Returning to the theatre, he is now directing a flamboyant adaptation of Captain Fracasse.

In his novel Captain Fracasse, Théophile Gautier takes us back to the dark and brutal 17th century, when the Baron de Sigognac escapes a life of despondency, thanks to the theatre. The destitute young man leaves his ruined castle to join a troupe of wandering actors, becoming Captain Fracasse, a superhero who defends a comic and poetic vision of the world.
Fracasse, as directed by Jean-Christophe Hembert, accentuates the humour, truculence and heroism of the characters in the famous cloak-and-dagger novel.
As in a Rembrandt painting, the light of the forces of life sparkles amidst the darkness. The audience is drawn into the adventures of Sigognac, his beloved Isabelle and his rival, the Duke of Vallombreuse. Eloquence and panache act as ramparts to keep the violence of the forces of death at bay.
Simmering with enchantment and the unexpected, this beautiful, popular play is a declaration of absolute faith in the evocative power of theatre.

  • Coproduction
Running time
2 : 00
Main auditorium

from 7 to 40 €


For the blind and partially sighted on Sunday, 20 Dec.

  • For everyone from 12 years old

Adaptation – Jean-Christophe Hembert, Loïc Varraut / Artistic collaboration – Aurélia Dury, Loïc Varraut / Decor – Fanny Gamet, Jean-Christophe Hembert, Seymour Laval / Props – Fanny Gamet / Costumes and masks – Mina Ly / Light designer – Seymour Laval / Music and sound – Clément Mirguet / Make up, hairstyle – Roxane Bruneton / Decor construction – Robert Goulier, Fanny Gamet / Director’s assistant – Sarah Chovelon

Production: Roma Production
Coproduction: Les Châteaux de la Drôme, Théâtre de Carouge – Atelier de Genève, Célestins – Théâtre de Lyon, Espace des Arts – Scène nationale de Chalon-sur-Saône, Le Volcan – Scène nationale du Havre, La Ferme du Buisson – Scène nationale, Le Liberté – Scène nationale de Toulon

Premiered in 2020 at Châlon