Cyrano de Bergerac

  • Theater
Edmond Rostand
Jean Liermier
Performed by
Pierre Banderet, Aude Bourrier, Candice Chauvin, Boris Degex, Julien George, Sabrina Martin, Baptiste Morisod, Ludovic Payet, Yann Philipona, Gilles Privat, Lola Riccaboni, André Schmidt, Raphaël Vachoux

Accompanied by Gilles Privat, Jean Liermier takes audiences back to the turn of the 20th century with a funny and tender Cyrano set in the Belle Époque.

“A kiss, how would you define a kiss? An oath taken very close by, a so very precise pledge, a confession finally disclosed, a pink dot set on the i of loving…” How lovely it is to listen to the well-honed verse of Edmond Rostand. To sway to the rhythm of the inflections of love that remains in the shadows or asserts itself in an artificial way. To get carried away by the eloquence that, in this ode to inspiration, is worth more than the attractions of beauty.
Jean Liermier, who regularly directs the greatest plays in the French repertoire, brings the most popular of them all to the stage. Helped by the great Gilles Privat – who plays a Cyrano that is as high-spirited as he is melancholy – the director creates a very personal version of this romantic tragi-comedy.
A version filled with tenderness that, remaining faithful to Rostand, tells the story of a storyteller. Cyrano takes the audience with him through the adventures of his life, as if he wanted to shout out, “Theatre is dead – long live theatre!”

In partnership with Le Radiant

  • Coproduction
  • International Swiss
Running time
3 : 05

from 21 to 43 €


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Scenography – Rudy Sabounghi / Costume designer – Coralie Sanvoisin / Master of arms – Pavel Jancik / Light designer Jean-Philippe Roy / Sound – Jean Favarel / Make-up and hair dress – Leticia Rochaix-Ortis / Video – Giuseppe Greco / Director’s assistant – Nalini Menamkat

Executive production: Théâtre de Carouge – Atelier de Genève
Coproduction: Théâtre de Carouge – Atelier de Genève, TKM Théâtre Kléber-Méleau Renens

With the support of the DIÈSE #Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes – integration programme of the École de la Comédie de Saint-Étienne, Pro Helvetia – Fondation suisse pour la culture, La Corodis and La Loterie Romande

Premiered on 31 Oct. 2017 at Le Théâtre de Carouge – Atelier de Genève (Switzerland)

” Dirigé par Jean Liermier, le comédien genevois fait du personnage d’EdmondRostand le plus attachant des héros malheureux”.

“Saluons dans cette mise en scène pour la grande joie du public, un Cyrano de Bergerac encore et toujours jubilatoire et attachant : avec lui, la désobéissance a du panache !” Theatredublog