It’ll never work

  • Theater
Les Transformateurs
Nicolas Ramond
Performed by
Anne De Boissy et Jean-Philippe Salério

In 2019, Anne de Boissy and Jean-Philippe Salério were awarded the first Prix Célest’1 for their performance in Ça marchera jamais. They are now back at Les Célestins with this jubilant take on the paths to failure. And to success.

Ça marchera jamais [It’ll never work] is a collective creation by the Lyon-based company Les Transformateurs that asks a lot of questions. Questions that concern us all, that lead us to look deeper into the causes and consequences of the events we call failures.
But in the end, what is failure? Do we know anyone who always succeeds? And are we prepared to succeed at any cost? What’s more, how many failures does it take for us to consider we have succeeded?
Taking a mischievous look at what lies behind our setbacks and successes, Ça marchera jamais examines our weak points, doubts and fears.
Everything we’re lacking and everything that makes us falter.
Using improvisation, this series of reflections, images, dances, songs and music travels the roads of inventiveness and derision. A feeling of mild madness and delicate extravagance reigns over the theatrical fantasy.  So, failure or success? The answer, as so often, lies in the question.

  • PRIX CÉLEST’1 2019 - Special Price
Running time
1 : 10

    from 9 to 24 €


    Lumière et scenography – Yoann Tivoli / Music and sound – Sylvain Ferlay / Drama collaboration – Claire Terral / Choreographic collaboration – Annette Labry, Emma Dufief / Orthophonic collaboration – Marie-Line Chef

    Production: Les Transformateurs
    Coproduction: Grand Angle – Scène régionale Pays voironnais.

    With support from Le Théâtre National Populaire – Villeurbanne, Le Théâtre Nouvelle Génération – Centre dramatique national de Lyon, Le Théâtre de La Renaissance – Oullins Lyon Métropole, Le NTH8

    Premiered on 5 March 2019 at Grand Angle – Scène régionale Pays Voironnais

    Aftershow talk with the artists on Wednesday, 16 Dec.