A Bright Room Called Day

Une chambre claire nommée jour

  • Theater
Tony Kushner
Catherine Marnas
Performed by
Simon Delgrange, Vincent Dissez, Annabelle Garcia, Tonin Palazzotto, Julie Papin, Agnès Pontier, Sophie Richelieu, Yacine Sif El Islam, Bénédicte Simon

Catherine Marnas directs a troupe of young performers in this highly political play in which the present day is set against the darkest pages of the past.

“At times it feels as if Brecht has been rewritten by Tennessee Williams…” enthuses Catherine Marnas.
“Kushner writes with the political urgency of the former playwright and the carnal melancholy of the latter.” Political urgency and melancholy that join forces in this play about a bunch of young German artists on New Year’s Eve in the early 1930s. These “enlightened minds” are partying and mocking the rise of Hitler, whom they see as a puppet with no chance of coming to power…
Superimposing this Germany on the brink of the abyss on the America of the Reagan years, then on the Trump years, Tony Kushner focuses on gradual shifts in history.
Fuelled by the ardour and vibrancy of youth, this show from the director of the Théâtre national de Bordeaux exudes the energy of a socially committed cabaret.
Performed by a formidable cast of actors, singers and musicians, A Bright Room Called Day warns our overconfident democracies against the perils they fail to see.

Running time
2 : 20

    from 7 to 40 €

    Projection – Emmanuel Vautrin / Set – Jérôme Verdon / Puppets – Thibaut Seyt

    Translation – Daniel Loayza / Scenography – Carlos Calvo / Music – Boris Kohlmayer / Sound – Madame Miniature / Music advice and preparation –Eduardo Lopes / Light designer – Michel Theuil / Costume designer –  Édith Traverso / Make up – Sylvie Cailler / Projection – Emmanuel Vautrin / Set – Jérôme Verdon / Director’s assistant – Odille Lauria, Thibaut Seyt / Confection marionnettes – Thibaut Seyt

    Production: TnBA – Théâtre national de Bordeaux en Aquitaine

    A Bright Room Called Day is represented in French-speaking countries by Dominique Christophe / l’Agence with permission from Gersh Agency, Inc.

    Premiered on 7 January 2020 at the Théâtre national de Bordeaux en Aquitaine

    “Catherine Marnas met en scène avec brio et un formidable appétit de vivre cette pépite de dynamite écrite et corrigée par Tony Kushner, comme un ultime avertissement en temps de crise”. Les Inrockuptibles

    “Réécrite pour coller à l’actualité par l’auteur lui-même, A Bright Room Called Day montre l’incapacité de l’homme à sauver la démocratie du fascisme. Sidérant de lucidité !” L’œil d’Olivier