It’ll never work

Les Transformateurs
Nicolas Ramond
Performed by
Anne De Boissy et Jean-Philippe Salério

In 2019, Anne de Boissy and Jean-Philippe Salério were awarded the first Prix Célest’1 for their performance in Ça marchera jamais. They are now back at Les Célestins with this jubilant take on the paths to failure. And to success. […]

Electra in the Underworld

Simon Abkarian
Performed by
Simon Abkarian, Maral Abkarian, Chouchane Agoudjian, Anaïs Ancel, Maud Brethenoux, Laurent Clauwaert, Victor Fradet, Aurore Frémont, Christina Galstian Agoudjian, Rafaela Jirkovsky, Nathalie Le Boucher, Eliot Maurel, Olivier Mansard, Nedjma Merahi, Manon Pélissier, Annie Rumani, Catherine Schaub Abkarian, Suzana Thomaz, Frédérique Voruz et les musiciens Howlin’jaws (Djivan Abkarian, Lucas Humbert, Baptiste Léon)

Premiered in 2019 at the Théâtre du Soleil, this is a contemporary vision of the Electra myth that takes us deep into the underworld. A world in which music, song and dance uphold the tradition of a profoundly popular form […]