One of the last nights of Carnival

Carlo Goldoni
Clément Hervieu-Léger
Performed by
Aymeline Alix, Erwin Aros, Louis Berthélémy, Clémence Boué, Jean-Noël Brouté, Adeline Chagneau, Marie Druc, Charlotte Dumartheray, M’hamed El Menjra, Stéphane Facco, Juliette Léger, Jeremy Lewin, Clémence Prioux, Guillaume Ravoire, Daniel San Pedro

Written by Goldoni as a farewell to his audiences before leaving Venice for Paris, One of the last nights of Carnival extols the excitement of life, love and human relationships. This little-known comedy from the Venetian master is directed by Clément Hervieu-Léger.

Don’t expect a spectacular intrigue, but rather a joyful and provident depiction of life in society. Carlo Goldini’s comedy takes place at a weaver’s in Venice on the last day of Carnival, which coincides with the end of the theatrical season. Zamaria has invited some friends round to play cards, eat, laugh, dance and talk about love, as well as the question of exile…
Clément Hervieu-Léger, a member of the Comédie Française, stages an elegant show in period costume, taking a close look at the complex relationships governing any society. “Goldoni’s plays are written for troupes”, explains the director. “There are no leading or second roles, but just individuals who are doing their best to live together.” Demonstrating astonishing sociological acuity, One of the last nights of Carnival is one of Goldoni’s most audacious plays, as well as one of most liberated and modern.

Running time
1 : 45
Main auditorium
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French text – Myriam Tanant, Jean-Claude Penchenat (©Actes Sud-Papiers) / Decor – Aurélie Maestre / Costume designer – Caroline de Vivaise / Light creation – Bertrand Couderc / Choreography – Bruno Bouché / Makeup and hairstyle – David Carvalho Nunes / Sound composition – Jean-Luc Ristord / Artistic collaboration to the direction – Elsa Hamnane

Production: C.I.C.T. – Théâtre des Bouffes du Nord, Paris
Coproduction (en cours): Théâtre de Carouge – Atelier de Genève (Suisse), Compagnie des Petits Champs, Théâtre de Caen, Scène nationale d’Albi, Espace Jean Legendre – Théâtre de Compiègne, Théâtre de Suresnes Jean Vilar

Création le 27 septembre 2019 au Théâtre de Carouge, Atelier de Genève (Suisse)