Peer Gynt from Kosovo

Jeton Neziraj
Agon Myftari
Performed by
Tristan Halilaj, Semira Latifi, Shpetim Selmani, Bujar Ahmeti


Kosovan author Jeton Neziraj has transposed Henrik Ibsen’s poetic farce Peer Gynt into 21st-century Europe. Today, as in the past, this is a story of broken dreams…

Peer dreams of a vast, beautiful and radiant place elsewhere, a land of possibilities where he hopes to live a gilded life. So he packs his bags and leaves both his mother and native Kosovo. Just like Ibsen’s young antihero, this contemporary Peer will be confronted with a reality far less joyful than the one of his dreams. This reality will take him to Sweden and Germany, before religious radicalisation leads him to war in the Middle East. Although drawing parallels with today’s migrant tragedies, the misadventures of this Kosovan Peer Gynt never fall into pathos or histrionics. This is because the fable staged by the former artistic director of the Kosovo National Theatre comprises a succession of short sequences that strike the right balance between drama and the grotesque, between realism and dark humour.
The audience gets caught up in the troubled meanders of this existential quest for identity, just as it is won over by the jubilation of the calls for happiness and freedom that span and light up the play.

Programmed as part of the Festival Sens Interdits, festival international de théâtre

Running time
1 : 00
TNG – Les Ateliers
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    SHOW IN ALBANIAN surtitled in french

    Au Théâtre Nouvelle Génération – Les Ateliers Presqu’île
    5 rue Petit David Lyon 2e



    DramaturgyStefan Schletter / Scenography – Nicola Minssen / Music – Gabriele Marangoni / Light creation – Mursel Bekteshi /Costume designer – Yllka Brada / Decor – Ekrem Xhaka

    Production: Qendra Multimedia (Kosovo)
    Co-realization: Festival Sens Interdits et Célestins, Théâtre de Lyon