Oreste à Mossoul

Milo Rau
Performed by
Duraid Abbas Ghaieb, Susana Abdulmajid, Elsie De Brauw, Risto Kübar, Johan Leysen, Bert Luppes, Marijke Pinoy


Based on Orestia by Eschyle

Following a journey through the Kurdish territory of Mosul and Sinjar, Swiss director Milo Rau presents a contemporary version of Aeschylus’ Orestia, performed by Iraqi and European actors.

How can divided societies, especially in the Middle East, live in peace once again after the horrors of war? How can offences be redeemed and atoned without leading to further violence? What should we do with jihadists arrested after the fall of the Islamic State? Having travelled to the north of Iraq, to the front line of the fight against Isis, Milo Rau has taken the mythical figures of Orestia and made them the victims of the cataclysms of modern conflicts.
In the celebrated Aeschylus trilogy, murder, blood and vengeance form an infernal spiral. Agamemnon sacrifices his daughter Iphigenia, his wife Clytemnestra then kills him, before she herself is killed by her son…
By placing the grandeur of the Greek tragedy side-by-side with the questions raised by crises of current events, Oresteia in Mosul takes an uncompromising look at the fractures of our modern era.
This is theatre that immerses the audience in the stormy waters of reality.

Programmed as part of the Festival Sens Interdits, festival international de théâtre

Running time
1 : 40
Main auditorium
Next dates

    from 9 to 25 €


    SHOW IN DUTCH, ENGLISH AND ARABIC surtitled in french


    SHOW NOT RECOMMENDED under 15 years old



    DramaturgyStefan Bläske / Film – Daniel Demoustier et Moritz von Dungern /Film editing Joris Vertenten / Light creation – Dennis Diels / Scenography – Ruimtevaarders / Costume designer – An De Mol / Director’s assistant – Katelijne Laevens

    Production: NTGent – Théâtre national de Gand (Belgique), Schauspielhaus – Bochum (Allemagne)
    Coproduction: Tandem, Théâtre Arras-Douai
    With the support of: a Belgian Tax Shelter

    Créé le 17 avril 2019 au NTGent, Théâtre national de Gand (Belgique)

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    Conférence Avant-propos sur Oreste à Mossoul : mer. 23 octobre de 18h à 19h sous le chapiteau – place des Célestins – 69002 Lyon.
    Intervenante : Pascale Brillet-Dubois, directrice adjointe du département des Lettres à l’Université Lumière-Lyon 2