Should Olivier Masson die?

François Hien
Estelle Clément-Bealem, Kathleen Dol, Arthur Fourcade, François Hien, Lucile Paysant
Performed by
Estelle Clément-Bealem, Kathleen Dol, Arthur Fourcade, François Hien, Lucile Paysant

A fictional work loosely inspired by the “Vincent Lambert affair”, Should Olivier Masson die? invites us to reconsider questions surrounding life and ethics.

Bedridden in hospital, Olivier Masson has been living in a vegetative state for six years. As no one has ever managed to communicate with him, no one can know what remains of his conscious mind.
When medical teams decide to start procedures allowing them to stop keeping him alive artificially, war breaks out within the family. Olivier’s wife Laurence supports the decision, whereas his mother is vehemently opposed, until the day a nursing assistant makes the decision for them, ending Olivier’s days through a lethal injection.
The play depicts the trial of this nursing assistant; an intimate drama taking place amongst the workings of the legal, media and medical machines.
Although inspired by a real-life event, François Hien’s play digresses sufficiently to allow space for fiction.
“This story is a follow-on from my ambition to create theatre that is both highly documented and romanesque”, explains the author, actor and co-director. This form of drama is permeated by reality and in perpetual movement (five actors interpreting thirty-one characters), placing audiences at the core of contemporary issues.

Running time
2 : 00
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Scenography, drops and costume designer – Violaine de Cazenove / Light creation – Nolwenn Delcamp-Risse

Production: Ballet Cosmique – Nicolas Ligeon
Coproduction (en cours): Célestins – Théâtre de Lyon, Théâtre La Mouche – Saint Genis-Laval
With the production aid of the DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes