Thanks to the night

Raphaël Defour
Performed by
Pauline Laurendeau, Clara Lespine, Bérengère Sigoure, Cécilia Steiner, Lisa Torres

Five actresses question the archaic and contemporary figures of witches, in a poetic escapade combining writings, documentary, autofiction and song.

The five actresses brought together on stage by Raphaël Defour portray femmes fatales, soon-to-be women, lovers, funfair witches and princesses without a kingdom… revealing their thoughts as in a personal diary, through their often heightened and fantasised memories. They confide in the audience about their relationship with desire and the absence of men. They talk to someone who is not there, or who is no longer there or who probably never existed – the lost Prince, young lover or invisible executioner – about violence, deception, murder and love. Mirroring texts from historian Jules Michelet, novelist Roberto Bolaño, journalist Mona Chollet and documentary material, Thanks to the night portrays the imagination of witches and questions the feminine condition. Video clips, nostalgic songs and travesty reveal the ambivalence of our relationship with models and rites of passage.

Running time
1 : 40
Next dates

from 9 to 24 €

Scenography, light creation and sound – Suzanne Péchenart, Elvire Tapie

Production: Compagnie Microserfs
Coproduction: Célestins, Théâtre de Lyon