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Don Nigro
Roman Viktyuk
Performed by
Igor Nevedrov, Dmitrii Zhoidik, Prokhor Tretiakov, Ekaterina Karpushina, Liudmila Pogorelova


In a play exploring the life story of the great Russian poet Osip Mandelstam, director Roman Viktyuk intertwines and juxtaposes the paths of freedom of expression and political tyranny.

In 1933, on penning a 16-verse poem in which he dared to openly mock Stalin, Osip Mandelstam effectively signed his own death warrant. Arrested, interrogated and exiled, he died five years later at the age of 47, whilst being deported to a forced labour camp in eastern Siberia. Russian director Roman Viktyuk brings this story to the stage; an emblematic tale of the relationship between the “Father of Nations” and artists.
On stage, we are introduced to five characters, namely Josef Stalin, Osip Mandelstam, his wife Nadezhda, Boris Pasternak (a friend of Mandelstam) and Pasternak’s last wife. These historical characters are involved in expressive and colourful scenes depicting a series of reflections on the freedom of speech. An ode to all poets who choose to risk their lives in the name of creation rather than towing the line, Mandelstam is a vivid and moving lesson in independence and courage.

Programmed as part of the Festival Sens Interdits, festival international de théâtre

Running time
2 : 00
Main auditorium

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    SHOW IN RUSSIAN surtitled in french

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    French text – Viktor Veber / Stage adaptation and musical accompaniment Roman Viktyuk / Scenography – Vladimir Boer / Costume designer – Elena Predvoditeleva / Light creation – Sergey Skornetskiy / Sound – Ludmila Platonova / Director’s assistants – Ludmila Isakovich, Andrey Borovikov

    Production: Roman Viktyuk Theater (Russie)
    Co-realization: Festival Sens Interdits et Célestins, Théâtre de Lyon