Ma petite Antarctique

Моя маленькая Антарктида

Tatiana Frolova / Théâtre KnAM
Performed by
Dmitrii Bocharov, Vladimir Dmitriev, Tatiana Frolova, German Iakovenko, Ludmila Smirnova


Tatiana Frolova has become a regular at the Célestins and the Sens Interdits Festival over the past few years. Exploring the world of ice, the Russian director has now created a metaphorical, docu-drama that commences in Russia, before opening out onto the wider world.

Once again, the founder of the KnAM Theatre and Ma petite Antarctique takes us on a socially-engaged theatrical journey through personal tales that weave an all-embracing narrative web. Drawing inspiration from The Snow Queen, Tatiana Frolova has designed her latest creation around the world of ice, which chills, of course, and can freeze our emotions, but which also has powers of preservation.

As usual, the director combines texts, images, testimonials from modern day men and women, press articles and studies to create a collective narrative. How should the trauma of the Russian population be approached when the present and future are frozen? And what can we say about Europe, where nationalism freezes hearts, where the iceberg of social and geopolitical crisis threatens to bring everything to a halt?

Firmly anchored in the modern world, Ma petite Antarctique explores and reflects upon our era, defining a style of theatre that sheds light on the complexities of our world.

Programmed as part of the Festival Sens Interdits, festival international de théâtre

Running time
1 : 40
Main auditorium
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SHOW IN RUSSIAN surtitled in french and english

SHOW NOT RECOMMENDED under 15 years old

Spectacle Focus

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Documentary resources: texts, images, interviews, testimonials, article extracts, studies, historical works and memorials have all been gathered by the artists of the KnAM theatre

French text and et subtitles – Bleuenn Isambard / English text – Bleuenn Isambard et Keren Rosen / Light creation – Tatiana Frolova / Sound – Vladimir Smirnov / Video – Tatiana Frolova, Dmitrii Bocharov, Vladimir Smirnov / General board Sylvain Ricci

Production : Théâtre KnAM
Delegated production : Célestins, Théâtre de Lyon
Coproduction : Célestins – Théâtre de Lyon, Festival Sens Interdits
With the support of: Onda, Office national de diffusion artistique

Bord de scène : le 18 octobre à l’issue de la représentation