La Ligne solaire

Ivan Viripaev
Cécile Auxire-Marmouget
Performed by
Cécile Auxire-Marmouget, Olivier Werner

A man and a woman sit in their kitchen before sunrise. Sun Line shifts between tragedy and comedy, looking at the barriers that separate people and need to be overcome.

It’s 5 o’clock in the morning and night will soon be giving way to daylight. In this moment of suspended time, Barbara and her husband Werner disagree, quarrel and tear each other apart. Having reached “midlife”, they are both facing a general malaise, questioning the meaning of life and tormented by their inner selves, which is all making their day-to-day existence intolerable. They become embroiled in a desperate fight to get back together and start anew.
Ivan Viripaev, the living Russian author whose plays are most staged in French, navigates between comedy and violence, unveiling the ambiguities of our relationships with others. How can we listen and be heard? How can we live as a couple whilst following our own paths and avoiding the pitfalls of conformism, pretence and routine? Alongside Olivier Werner, Cécile Auxire-Marmouget is buffeted by the stormy winds of this ferocious comedy with airs of an epic tragedy, which takes us from fury to enlightenment.

Running time
1 : 15
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SPECTACLE RECOMMENDED to the blind and partially sighted public

French text – Tania Moguilevskaïa, Gilles Morel / Scenography – Cécile Auxire-Marmouget, Olivier Modol et Gabriel Burnod (Les Constructeurs) / Light creation – Olivier Modol / Sound – Alain Lamarche

Production: Compagnie Gazoline
Coproduction: Célestins, Théâtre de Lyon
With the support of: DRAC et région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, du département de la Drôme et de la Spedidam