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Hakim Bah
Frédéric Fisbach
Performed by
Ibrahima Bah, Maxence Bod, Sophie Cattani en alternance avec Lorry Hardel, Madalina Constantin, Nelson-Rafaell Madel, Marie Payen

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Domestic, social and economic violence… Guinean author Hakim Bah transposes Thyestes and the tragedy of the Atreidae to the heart of modern-day Africa in an anticipatory tale with sharp, burlesque overtones.

The play deals with ownership, land to be conquered and exile, between a basketball court and an airport. Torture, fratricide, adultery, anthropophagy and infanticide are all themes taken from Seneca’s work to highlight the misguided ways of our modern world. In Convulsions (for which Hakim Bah won the RTI Theatre Prize), Thyestes, Atreus and Aerope span the centuries to experience the political and intimate challenges of our high-tech, globalised world.
Violence is present in each scene, pushed to the limit of absurdity and to the point of exhaustion. It is combined with the grotesque, questioning our ability to accept the unacceptable, whilst extolling the joys of theatre. “Hakim Bah is one of a generation of authors breathing new vitality into drama, urging us to speak out onstage”, explains director Frédéric Fisbach. This is vivid proof of the need to consider and cultivate our human side and open up to everything that is foreign, different and strange to us.

Running time
1 : 30

    from 9 to 24 €

    Dramaturgy – Charlotte Lagrange / Scenography – Charles Chauvet / Light creation – Léa Maris / Sound – Estelle Lembert / Director’s assistant – Imad Assaf

    Coproduction: Théâtre Ouvert, Centre national des dramaturgies contemporaines
    With the support of: MC93 – Maison de la Culture de la Seine-Saint-Denis, de la Comédie de Saint-Étienne – Centre dramatique national, du Fonds d’Insertion pour Jeunes Artistes Dramatiques, DRAC et région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
    With the help with creation of the association Beaumarchais-SACD, le soutien de l’Adami, de la Spedidam et de La Culture avec la Copie Privée
    This text is laureate of the Aid to the creation of dramatic texts – ARTCENA. The author received the award RFI Théâtre 2016.
    The text is published by Théâtre Ouvert / Tapuscrits (Éditions) – Coédition RFI.

    Les Convulsions d’Hakim Bah transportent le tragique antique dans l’ordinaire de nos sociétés. Réjouissant à plus d’un titre”. La Terrasse

    Bord de scène : rencontre avec l’équipe artistique à l’issue de la représentation du jeu. 2 avril