VxH – The Human Voice

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Jean Cocteau et Falk Richter
Roland Auzet
Performed by
Irène Jacob

Under the direction of composer and producer Roland Auzet, Irène Jacob treats us to a quite extraordinary theatrical performance.

In The Human Voice, Jean Cocteau reveals the loneliness of a woman deserted by her lover, who calls him on the telephone in an attempt to put off the moment of separation. Disappear here, from German dramatist Falk Richter, also invokes the burden of absence through the journey of a character in search of a loved one. These two texts inspired Roland Auzet to create his latest play: a remarkable work which places the audience above a perspex stage on which actor Irène Jacob performs.

A veritable acoustic platform, the space designed for VxH – The Human Voice allows us to observe and experience the play from all possible angles. Following La Nuit les brutes in 2010 and Dans la solitude des champs de coton in 2015 (at the Part-Dieu shopping centre), Roland Auzet continues to reinvent how it feels to be a spectator. Through an intimate connection with the theatrical and sound-based narrative, we discover what it feels like to see, to not see, to see without being seen or to be seen without really wanting to… This is a unique sensory experience.

Running time
1 : 00

    from 12 to 23 €


    Parking gratuit sur place
    TCL : arrêt St Irenée – Bus C20, 46 et 49

    Conception, set designer, music – Roland Auzet / Texts – La Voix humaine de Jean Cocteau et Disappear here (extraits) de Falk Richter / Artistic collaboration and choreography – Joëlle Bouvier / Computer music Ircam – Daniele Guaschino / Lighting designer – Bernard Revel

    Production : Act Opus
    Coproduction : IRCAM – Centre Pompidou, MA – Scène nationale Pays de Montbéliard
    Co-commande de l’IRCAM – Centre Pompidou et Festival Aujourd’hui
    Musiques du Théâtre de l’Archipel – Scène nationale de Perpignan

    Un moment intime et troublant, magnifié par Irène Jacob. Elle est fragile, fébrile, émouvante, jamais larmoyante, sous la direction de Roland Auzet, un artiste polymorphe qui peut se vanter une fois de plus de nous avoir surpris en bousculant les convenances théâtrales. Télérama


    Un spectacle totalement envoûtant et vertigineux. Sceneweb