Ultra-Girl vs Schopenhauer

Cédric Roulliat / Compagnie de Onze à Trois heures
Performed by
David Bescond, Sahra Daugreilh, Laure Giappiconi

Lyon-based photographer Cédric Roulliat presents his first creation for theatre: a kitsch, pop-culture glimpse into the fantasy world of a comic-strip superheroine.

Lyon. The beginning of the 1980s. Edwige, a young translator, grew up dreaming of super-heroines in American comics and their extraordinary destinies. It is therefore no accident that she works for a comic book publisher who creates French adaptations of the adventures of the intrepid and sultry Ultra-Girl. On a day like any other, our spirited heroine – In skin-tight suit and red thigh-high boots – storms into her translator’s office-cum-living room.

A procession of speeches, song, and choreography, Ultra-Girl vs Schopenhauer brings together the daily grind of a thirty-something with the shimmering lights of a utopian Hollywood world. Full of spark and irony, Cédric Roulliat’s first play explores the idea of building one’s own identity. Personal memories, feverish flashbacks, musical interludes… Edwige has an open spirit that allows us to discover her innermost secrets; the joyful clamour of her inner voices.

Running time
1 : 10
Théâtre du point du jour
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7, rue des Aqueducs
Lyon 5e – Bus : C21, 90, 45 (arrêt Point du Jour), 46 (arrêt Théâtre-Église Notre-Dame)

On site ou by phone: friday, november 23rd
Online: thuesday, november 20th


Text – Cédric Roulliat / Compagnie de Onze à Trois heures / Music – Laurent Péju / Lighting designer – Fabrice Guilbert, Arthur Magnier / Sound designer – Baptiste Tanné, Teddy Mira / Scenography – Caroline Oriot, Guillaume Ponroy

Production: Compagnie de Onze à Trois heures

Un cocktail pop, fétiche et fantasque, hautement fantasmatique. (…) Cette comédie en chansons et costumes super sexy se transforme peu à peu en vertige esthétique sur la sublimation du désir. C’est extra. Tribune de Lyon

Bords de scène : mer 6 et mar 12 mars rencontres avec l’équipe artistique à l’issue des représentations