Le Rosaire des voluptés épineuses

Stanislas Rodanski
Georges Lavaudant
Performed by
Frédéric Borie, Élodie Buisson, Clovis Fouin, Frédéric Roudier, Thomas Trigeaud

Between mystery and illumination, Georges Lavaudant takes us on a voyage into the captivating world of surrealist poet Stanislas Rodanski,

A man with a hypnotic presence, a woman-chimera who could have stepped out of an Alfred Hitchcock film, the enigma of poetry which becomes a character in its own right… Being immersed in Le Rosaire des Voluptés Epineuses is like entering a space outside of time. In a fantastical land where life and death swap masks, as do light and dark, pain and pleasure, fantasy and reality.

There is something intriguing about Stanislas Rodanski’s chiaroscuro world. The Lyon-based poet (1927-1981) spent half his life in psychiatric hospitals. Unjustly overlooked, this artist, with his rare and unusual writing style, left behind a work shrouded in a supernatural glow. With his bewitchingly beautiful set, Georges Lavaudant recreates this work in all its hidden depths. Set in the dreamlike intimacy of a dinner with a funereal air, this song in search of a lost paradise emerges like a final sanctuary under the stagelights.

Running time
1 : 10
Théâtre du point du jour
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Decor and costume designer – Jean-Pierre Vergier / Sound designer – Jean-Louis Imbert / Lighting designer – Georges Lavaudant / Make-up – Ève Cauchie / Hairstyle, wigs – Jocelyne Milazzo / Choreographer – Francis Viet / Constructed by – Ateliers d’Humain trop humain (Montpellier)

Coproduction: LG Théâtre, Le Printemps des Comédiens – Montpellier

Ce spectacle poétique est comme un ballet fantastique. (…) Le décor est féérique. Sceneweb


Un texte énigmatique de Stanislas Rodanski que monte avec brio Georges Lavaudant. (…) Qu’il est doux de s’enivrer au lait du surréalisme ! Inferno magazine