The Collection

Harold Pinter
Ludovic Lagarde
Performed by
Mathieu Amalric, Valérie Dashwood, Micha Lescot, Laurent Poitrenaux

One woman, three men: numerous possibilities. Ludovic Lagarde explores the enigmatic world of the 2005 Nobel Prize for Literature winner.

In the world of British dramatist Harold Pinter (1930-2008), nothing is ever as it seems at first glance. Reality is multiplicious, porous. People reveal themselves to be enigmatic and ambivalent. In The Collection, written in 1961, four characters unravel the threads of a story with multiple interpretations. We meet Stella and James, her husband. We meet Bill and his friend Harry, who he lives with. The night of love that Stella and Bill spend together opens the door on a story with shades of a ‘roman noir’.  What is the true nature of the relationship between Harry and Bill? What are the impulses that drive each of these individuals – desire, fantasy, jealousy, longing, contempt, power mongering?

Director Ludovic Lagarde sets this part abstract, part realistic world in the era of fake news, virtual existence, and conspiracy theories. The truth, today perhaps more than ever, is subject to doubt. Pinter’s protagonists play out their story in the 21st century like people at the forefront of our modern times.

Running time
1 : 20
Main auditorium
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French text – Olivier Cadiot / Scenography – Antoine Vasseur / Scenography collaboration – Éric Delpla / Lighting designer – Sébastien Michaud / Sound designer – David Bichindaritz / Costume designer – Marie La Rocca / Make-up and hairstyles – Cécile Kretschmar

Production: Théâtre national de Bretagne – Rennes, Compagnie Ludovic Lagarde
Coproduction: la Comédie de Reims – Centre dramatique national
L’Arche is theatrical agent of the represented text.