Kate Tempest
Gabriel Dufay
Performed by
Clément Bresson, Gabriel Dufay, Claire Sermonne

At the point where theatre, cinema, dance, and urban music converge, Fracassés paints a portrait of a generation via three modern characters in search of meaning.

Ted, a low-ranking functionary, is a prisoner of the monotony of his office job. Danny, who is going nowhere, plays guitar in a group which cannot find its big break. Charlotte is a young teacher who feels helpless and finds herself contaminated by her colleagues’ bitterness. Inseparable since they were teenagers, all three wrecked their lives through alcohol and drugs, before being confronted with the death of their friend, Tony. Ten years to the day after this tragic event, the three young people, facing the ghosts of what they could have been, start to dream of another way of being.

How can poetry be brought back into the world? How can we find our place within it? This first play from poet and rapper Kate Tempest draws us into the uncertainty of our era. “Wasted” is a major play on life, love, coming of age, shattered illusions, and existential confusion” – Gabriel Dufay. Giving form to the raw, piercing intensity of the musical composition, the director’s observations on humanity are acute yet tender. It puts our disorientated, lonely and dysfunctional society under the microscope.

Running time
1 : 45
Théâtre du point du jour
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    7, rue des Aqueducs
    Lyon 5e – Bus : C21, 90, 45 (arrêt Point du Jour), 46 (arrêt Théâtre-Église Notre-Dame)

    On site ou by phone: friday, november 23rd
    Online: thuesday, november 20th


    French text – Gabriel Dufay, Oona Spengler / Artistic collaboration – Christine-Laure Hirsig / Constructed by and video designer – Pierre Nouvel / Lighting designer – Sébastien Marc / Sound designer – Bernard Valléry / Choreographer – Corinne Barbara / Costume designer – Marie La Rocca

    Production: Compagnie Incandescence
    Coproduction: MAC – Maison des Arts de Créteil, Maison de la Culture d’Amiens – Pôle européen de création et de production, Célestins – Théâtre de Lyon, La Villette – Résidences d’artistes
    L’Arche est éditeur et agent théâtral du texte représenté (www.arche-editeur.com).

    Kate Tempest donne le tournis. Cette Londonienne à boucles blondes et rimes qui claquent peut se targuer d’avoir secoué le rap britannique et d’avoir furieusement réveillé la poésie contemporaine du Royaume.  Les Inrocks


    Gabriel Dufay a plus d’une corde à son arc. Il est un esprit qui aime à transmettre. Le Figaro


    Poétique, politique, humaniste, poignante, [l’œuvre de Kate Tempest] éblouit comme un diamant noir. Télérama