Bestie di scena

Stage creatures

Emma Dante
Performed by
Elena Borgogni, Sandro Maria Campagna, Viola Carinci, Italia Carroccio, Davide Celona, Sabino Civilleri, Roberto Galbo, Carmine Maringola, Ivano Picciallo, Leonarda Saffi, Daniele Savarino, Stéphanie Taillandier, Emilia Verginelli, Marta zollet et avec Daniela Macaluso et Gabriele Gugliara

For the first time at Les Célestins, celebrated Italian director Emma Dante strips our humanity bare.

Fourteen actors. Seven women and seven men on an empty stage: no script, no characters, no set, no costumes, no music…just the actors-dancers who Emma Dante calls the “Bestie di Scena” (stage creatures). She is alluding to actors who have been left to their own devices, artists who have abandoned everything which would have allowed them to live on the stage. Like Adam and Eve driven from an earthly paradise, they are faced with a world of traps and temptation, of strangeness and innocence.

It all begins with a warm-up session, whilst we are taking our seats. They walk around, they stretch, they jog…then they start to undress, one item of clothing at a time, until they are completely naked. Then, thrown in from the wings, all kinds of objects appear, upsetting their existence… A reflection on the theatre, Bestie di Scena also holds a mirror up to what we are, and what we experience. Here, Emma Dante finds the truth behind our existence. With a smile, she illuminates the unexpected beauty of our weaknesses and our elation.

Running time
1 : 00
Main auditorium
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On site ou by phone: friday, august 31th
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Constructed by – Emma Dante / Lighting designer – Cristian Zucaro

Production: Piccolo Teatro di Milano – Teatro d’Europa (Italie), Atto Unico – Compagnia Sud Costa Occidentale (Italie), Teatro Biondo di Palermo (Italie), Festival d’Avignon
Coordination et diffusion: Aldo Miguel Grompone (Rome)

Emma Dante nous emporte sans effort dans un tourbillon de corps orchestré à la perfection. La pièce s’impose ainsi comme l’une des plus éblouissante du festival [d’Avignon]. Théâtral Magazine


Emma Dante crée une bulle pétillante, un instant de folie, une échappée drolatique, une petite heure de bonheur. Sceneweb


Un spectacle délicat qui, sans un mot, ne cesse de nous parler. La Terrasse