Compagnie Marie de Jongh
Performed by
Pablo Ibarluzea, Ana Martinez, Ana Meabe, Javier Renobales, Anduriña Zurutuza

Without saying a word, the artists from the Marie de Jongh company speak to us of love and the passage of time. A venture into a poetic theatre of physical expression and emotion.

They first open the doors to childhood. Dressed in childish white dresses or short trousers, these funny characters explore all facets of their inexperience: casually imitating adults with aplomb, daring to love without really knowing what it means. Then, sixty years have passed. Their hair has gone white. They have learned the meaning of the verb ‘to love’. However, what they have not yet realised it that whatever life has in store for us, love will always give us a chance.

Bedecked in masks and wigs, the actors in Love transcribe the colours of existence through their art, making full use of body language and expression. Here, the theatre becomes a place for wordless encounters where the whole family can share laughter and emotion, doubts and certainties. An ode to curiosity and accepting people’s differences, this play from Spanish company Marie de Jongh spreads before us a world of intense poetry in all its subtleties. Adults or children, it goes straight to our hearts.

Christmas show
Running time
1 : 00
Main auditorium
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    from 9 to 38 €

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    From age 7

    SHOW Advised to the public deaf person and the hearing-impaired man

    On site ou by phone: friday, november 23rd
    Online: thuesday, november 20th


    Direction et litterary manager – Jokin Oregi / Artistic direction, scenography and costume designer – Elisa Sanz / Music – Pascal Gaigne / Lighting designer – Xabier Lozano / Sound designer – Edu Zalio / Masks and props – Javier Tirado

    Production: Compagnie Marie de Jongh, Tartean Teatroa – Bilbao (Espagne)
    Coproduction: Théâtre Arriaga – Bilbao (Espagne), Basauri Sozial Antzokia (Espagne)
    In collaboration with  Théâtre Victoria Eugenia (Espagne)
    Supported by Dpto de Cultura de Gobierno Vasco, DForal de Bizkaia, Instituto Etxepare, INAEM

    Un vrai petit bijou ! La première réaction du spectateur est de sourire ! Et ce sourire continue pendant tout le temps que dure Amour. La compagnie Marie de Jongh s’est spécialisée dans le théâtre familial. [..] On va se souvenir de Amour. À voir vraiment. El Correo


    Un vrai bijou théâtral. 52 minutes de finesse artistique ; ni une seconde de plus, ni une seconde de moins. Une magnifique ode à l’amour, la curiosité, la bienveillance, la générosité et au “vivre ensemble”. Un spectacle visuel, sans parole, capable d’émouvoir les enfants, les jeunes, les adultes et les anciens, les célibataires, les parents et grands-parents, sans problème de langue ni de frontière. Il va droit au cœur et le fait clairement, sans trucage, intensément et amoureusement. ASSITEJ España