La Place Royale

Pierre Corneille
Claudia Stavisky
Performed by
Camille Bernon, Julien Lopez, Loïc Mobihan, Bertrand Poncet, Renan Prévot, Roxanne Roux

To the lively and irreverential tune of Tu veux ou tu veux pas, Claudia Stavisky makes the lovers’ breath in Corneille’s piece come in gasps. In the 17th century, Place Royale in Paris was the name given to what is […]

Le Monde renversé

Collectif Marthe / Clara Bonnet, Marie-Ange Gagnaux, Aurélia Lüscher, Itto Mehdaoui
Performed by
Clara Bonnet, Marie-Ange Gagnaux, Aurélia Lüscher, Itto Mehdaoui

Four young actors take a fresh look at the myth surrounding witches. A caustic play which lays bare the historical mechanisms of female persecution. Over the centuries, we have portrayed them as poisoners, penis thieves, embryo devourers, lustful old women […]

Anthologie du cauchemar

Marcia Barcellos, Karl Biscuit / Système Castafiore
Performed by
Tuomas Lahti, Tom Lévy-Chaudet, Lucille Mansas, Daphné Mauger, Sara Pasquier

Choreographed scenes, sound installations, visual compositions… The Système Castafiore company explores the phantasmagoria of our dreams in a completely immersive experience. Marcia Barcellos and Karl Biscuit founded the Système Castafiore company in 1990, focusing on setting the creative forces of […]