Professor Bernhardi

Professor Bernhardi

Arthur Schnitzler
Thomas Ostermeier
Performed by
Damir Avdic, Veronika Bachfischer, Thomas Bading, Robert Beyer, Johannes Flaschberger, Christoph Gawenda, Moritz Gottwald, Jorg Hartmann, Laurenz Laufenberg, Eva Meckbach, David Ruland, Sebastian Schwarz, Konrad Singer, Lukas Turtur


Professor Bernhardi, a doctor and the director of a renowned clinic, stops a priest from giving the last rites to a dying young woman who, in her delirious state, believes she has been cured of her illness, and because he does not wish to deprive her of her final hour of bliss and hope. However the incident is explodes into a scandal that is whipped up by an ambitious fellow doctor and the rise of anti-Semitic sentiment. Thomas Ostermeier interprets this text by Schnitzler with acuity and contemporary relevance, and using an almost film-like aesthetic context he inspires us to consider the nature of the stirrings of populist sentiment and the instrumentalisation of the truth in a quest for power. This author is known for his keen interest in political issues and his uncompromising exploration of the dishonest compromises and shady deal making that characterise the bile of our era. With this piece he dissects the human spirit with finesse and the powerful acting of the Schaubühne.

Running time
2 : 45
Main auditorium
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    Spectacle en allemand surtitré en français


    Adaptation – Florian Borchmeyer, Thomas Ostermeier / Dramaturgy – Florian Borchmeyer / Scenography – Jan Pappelbaum / Costumes – Nina Wetzel / Music – Malte Beckenbach / Scenography Director – Matthias Schellenberg / Cameramans – Moritz von Dungern, Joseph Campbell, Florian Baumgarten / Video – Jake Witlen / Lights – Erich Schneider / Wall painting – Katharina Ziemke

    Production : Schaubühne – Berlin

    [L’interprétation de la Schaubühne] s’avère extraordinairement vive et vivante, riche et captivante dans son intelligence, son épure et sa rigueur. La Croix


    Sur un mode chirurgical, Ostermeier déroule sa noire comédie en blouses blanches. C’est virtuose, glaçant. Un nouveau coup de maître du prodige allemand. Les Échos