A eulogy for the night

Ingrid Astier
Gérald Garutti
Performed by
Pierre Richard

The night has its own mood, that of confidences. A eulogy for the Night by Ingrid Astier is the story of a dream, a narrow escape and an ode for the beauty of our nocturnal lives. Gérard Garutti seizes this generous hand that is held out to all within us that deregulates our days but is resonant at night, creating interior kingdoms and constellations. With the help of much humour the comic genius that is Pierre Richard reveals his hidden side via the use of poetic impertinence, contemplation and willful delectation that represents another aspect of this lunar Pierrot with the help of a dreamy and light-filled scenario. As cheekily malicious as it is innocent, his childlike regard embraces the marvelous perspectives offered by nocturnal imagination, from passion to poetry, from desire to madness, from mystery to fantasy, silence to celebration and from the intimate to the infinite. His production explores the entire rainbow of the vast spectrum of existence that is the night.

Running time
1 : 00
Main auditorium
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    Adaptation – Gérald Garutti / Filmed Dance – Marie-Agnes Gillot / Musical creation and sound –Laurent Petitgand / Scenographie and lights – Éric Soyer / Video – Renaud Rubiano / Production of films – Pierre-Henri Gibert, Pauline Maillet, Gérald Garutti / Costumes – Joël Viala / Dramaturgy – Zelda Bourquin / Artistic collaboration – Paikan Garutti et Laurent Letrillard / Assistant to the director – Raphaël Joly

    Production : Compagnie C(h)aracteres
    Coproduction : Théâtre de l’union – Centre dramatique national du Limousin, Théâtre du Crochetan – Monthey, Royal Garden
    Corealisation : La Ferme des jeux – Vaux-le-Pénil
    Le texte est publié aux Éditions Gallimard.

    Bord de scène : mer. 7 fev. rencontre avec l’équipe artistique à l’issue de la représentation