Flight a play in eight dreams

Comédie fantastique en huit songes

Mikhaïl Boulgakov
Macha Makeïeff
Performed by
Pascal Rénéric, Vanessa Fonte, Vincent Winterhalter, Thomas Morris, Geoffroy Rondeau, Alain Fromager, Pierre Hancisse, Sylvain Levitte, Samuel Glaumé, Karyll Elgrichi, Emilie Pictet… et une petite fille (en alternance Sarina Dian Siriczman, Tess Genre, Salomé Narboni)

Boulgakov, a master of comedy and the art of the fantastic, presents Flight: a play in eight dreams, a mystical, deep, drole and hallucinatory stage play. This is a frenetic piece of vaudeville about defeat and exile during the madness of the Russian Revolution. The story is set in 1920, at the end of the civil war and the Bolshevik coup d’état, and during the flight of those who were dubbed the ‘White Russians’. It is presented in the form of eight dreams that oscillate between nightmares and illuminations, and in this situation of mad urgency and the old order in a state of collapse appears a gallery of surprising and original characters, and the desire for revenge, treason, amusing spies and broken hearts all follow in this irresistible pell-mell scramble. In order to write ‘the flight’, Macha Makeïeff immersed himself in his family history and the collective history of exile that still resonates today in this production accompanied by images, music and many surprises.

Running time
3 : 05
Main auditorium
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    Adaptation – Macha Makeïeff / Russian Language Advisor – Sophie Benech / Decor and costumes – Macha Makeieff / Lights – Jean Bellorini / Sound – Sébastien Trouvé / Make-up and hairstyle – Cécile Kretschmar / Assistant to the staging – Gaëlle Hermant

    Production : La Criée – Théâtre national de Marseille
    Coproduction in progress: Théâtre Gérard Philipe – Centre dramatique national de Saint-Denis

    Premiere in October, 6th 2017 at La Criée – Théâtre national de Marseille

    Une mise en scène chantante et virevoltante de Macha Makeïeff, entre farce et tragédie. AFP

    Une belle fugue onirique et burlesque, portée par des comédiens habités. Les Échos

    Totale réussite. La Provence

    L’un des plus beaux spectacles de Macha Makeïeff à ce jour. Télérama

    On est pris par ce spectacle vertigineux, virevoltant et joyeux. Derrière la farce pointe la tragédie. L’Humanité