‘While the sea rumbles, the waves roll and the wave crests crash down onto the horizon, this watchman, the poet, climbs up his tower.’



An explorer of abysses, a queen and her purple wedding, a taxi driver, a woman in love, a mythical film-maker, an emissary of the Revolution, an actress submerged by flowers, a double of Elvis, a mother and the memory of her son, a son returning to his loved ones, a virtuoso pianist, a painter in Vienna, a forest, an ocean, a poet…

This is the fabulous crew of the new season at the Célestins. They have weathered the storms, seen the wrath of the black sky, and they have trembled at the shattering roar of thunder and stared at the lightning strikes that rip open the immense obscurity.

When calm returns they observe the celestial vault and the faraway stars before drawing up new charts and looking for unexplored routes and passages, climbing onto the forecastle to scrutinize the horizon on the edge of the world, from whence a faint glimmer of light escapes.

They raise the sails and cleave through the waves, their brows beaten by sea spray and zephyrs. These are the courageous hearts that speed through the waves with the promise of azure skies.

All they wish is for you to join them…

Claudia Stavisky and Marc Lesage