Apr 2024


Gloria Gloria


Performed by Thibaut Farineau, Lucas Faulong, Katell Jan, Benoît Moreira da Silva, Gaïa Oliarj-Inés

This fiery, queer cavalcade of a play won the Prix Incandescences in 2022. It’s the story of twenty-four hours in the life of a woman who devours everything in her path.  No one suspected anything. Up until then, she had […]


Le Mariage forcé

Main auditorium

Performed by avec la troupe de la Comédie-Française (Sylvia Bergé, Christian Hecq, Gaël Kamilindi, Benjamin Lavernhe, Julie Sicard)

Created by the Comédie-Française in 2022, this masked version of Molière‘s Le Mariage Forcé tells the story of a love match that goes awry. The couple are due to be married that very evening. Yet wisdom should have led the […]