Sep 2023


ART. 13

Main auditorium

Performed by Marion Blondeau

By orchestrating a clash between a woman and a statue pedestal, Phia Ménard keeps digging away at the foundations of patriarchal violence, using her imagination and a call to dreams. In a French formal garden bathed in twilight, a woman […]



Main auditorium

Performed by Noémi Devaux, Axel Guérin, Patryk Klos, Nick Robaey, Josse Roger, Emmi Väisänen, Alexander Vantournhout, Esse Vanderbruggen

On stage, a huge wall rises up, drastically reducing the performance space. With acrobatic lifts, the eight actors in Foreshadow defy the laws of gravity, transforming this limitation into creative energy. From the United States/Mexico border to the frontier separating […]



Main auditorium

Performed by Mathilde Rispal, Alison Benezech, Zineb Boujema, Soufiane Faouzi Mrani, Redouane Nasry, Med Medelsi

Le festival Karavel offre une carte blanche au chorégraphe Bouziane Bouteldja avec Ruptures, une puissante pièce questionnant l’histoire des migrations. À la confluence des danses hip-hop et traditionnelles, la compagnie Dans6T évoque les horizons dessinés par les migrations. À travers […]


Richard dans les étoiles


Performed by Jules Benveniste, Raphaëlle Damilano, Giulia Dussollier, Lucie Gallo, Amandine Gay, Valérian Guillaume

A social fable which combines everyday poetry with an ode to life in the slow lane. Off the beaten track of our consumerist society. No-one knows much about Loïc. Only that he makes the best chips in town, between Promod […]


When angels fall

Main auditorium

Performed by Tristan Baudoin, Raphaëlle Boitel ou Louise Hardouin, Liliane Hérin, Nicolas Lourdelle, Mohamed Rarhib, Marie Tribouilloy, Emily Zuckerman

For circus performer Raphaëlle Boitel, imagining the future is the best way of changing the present. A glittering dystopia, When angels fall sends us spiralling with grace and poetry into a vigorous plea on behalf of the environment. A group […]