Feb 2019


Book of My Mother

Main auditorium

Performed by Patrick Timsit

For thirty years, Patrick Timsit has wanted to make his own version of Book of My Mother, Albert Cohen’s autobiographical tale. He is now making this dream a reality, in a fantastic instant of theatrical intimacy. There is no grandiose […]


The Collection

Main auditorium

Performed by Mathieu Amalric, Valérie Dashwood, Micha Lescot, Laurent Poitrenaux

One woman, three men: numerous possibilities. Ludovic Lagarde explores the enigmatic world of the 2005 Nobel Prize for Literature winner. In the world of British dramatist Harold Pinter (1930-2008), nothing is ever as it seems at first glance. Reality is […]


Le Rosaire des voluptés épineuses

Théâtre du point du jour

Performed by Frédéric Borie, Élodie Buisson, Clovis Fouin Agoutin, Frédéric Roudier, Thomas Trigeaud

Between mystery and illumination, Georges Lavaudant takes us on a voyage into the captivating world of surrealist poet Stanislas Rodanski, A man with a hypnotic presence, a woman-chimera who could have stepped out of an Alfred Hitchcock film, the enigma […]



Main auditorium

Performed by Damien Avice, Éric Challier, Emeline Frémont, Thomas Jolly, Annie Mercier, Charline Porrone, Lamya Regragui et Nils Guillaume, Camille Messineo, Piel Niwa, Julien Peinado les deux enfants de Thyeste (en alternance)

The last time we saw him was three years ago, in an explosive Richard III. Thomas Jolly continues his exploration of the monstrous with Seneca’s Thyestes. This is one of the ten tragedies Seneca wrote, which has travelled through the […]