Jan 2020


Lewis versus Alice

Main auditorium

Performed by Geoffrey Carey, Caroline Espargilière, Vanessa Fonte, Clément Griffault, Jan Peters, Geoffroy Rondeau, Rosemary Standley et à l’image, Michka Wallon

Enthralled by the world of dreams and imagination, the director of Marseille National Theatre delves into the life of Lewis Carroll and his famous heroine, Alice. Lewis Carroll was born Charles Lutwidge Dodgson in 1832 in Daresbury parsonage, northern England. […]


Should Olivier Masson die?


Performed by Estelle Clément-Bealem, Kathleen Dol, Arthur Fourcade, François Hien, Lucile Paysant

A fictional work loosely inspired by the “Vincent Lambert affair”, Should Olivier Masson die? invites us to reconsider questions surrounding life and ethics. Bedridden in hospital, Olivier Masson has been living in a vegetative state for six years. As no […]


Returning to Reims

Main auditorium

Performed by Cédric Eeckhout, Irène Jacob, Blade Mc Alimbaye

Sociology, politics and homosexuality… Leading German director Thomas Ostermeier has written a play based on the autobiographical work by Didier Éribon, Returning to Reims. An actress in a studio (played by Irène Jacob) is recording the commentary for a documentary […]



Main auditorium

Performed by Mona Ahmadi, Saeid Changizian, Leyli Rashidi et la participation filmée de Juliette Rezai

Focusing on the theme of collapse, Summerless takes audiences into the playground of an Iranian primary school in a poetic and political play directed by Amir Reza Koohestani. Three people; a primary school supervisor, her ex-husband whose job it is […]