Apr 2019


Opening Night

Main auditorium

Performed by Isabelle Adjani, Morgan Lloyd Sicard, Frédéric Pierrot et la participation de Zoé Adjani

This is one of the big events of the season: an open road between theatre and cinema, starring an exceptional actor. Opening Night is mostly known for the film adaptation by John Cassavetes in 1977 starring Gena Rowlands. What is […]



Théâtre du point du jour

Performed by Costi Apostol, Alexandrina Ioana Costea, Sebastian Marina, Fatma Mohamed, Elena Popa, Paula Rotar et Abdel Fatahou

At the point of convergence between drama, social sciences and new technology, young Romanian director Ioana Pǎun explores our connection with reality and the notion of identity. We are as close as possible to the actors, on both sides of […]


Artists Talk

Théâtre du point du jour

Performed by Ruxandra Maniu, Ilinca Manolache, Alexandru Potocean, Gabriel Răuță, Bogdan Zamfir

She is one of the top names in Romanian theatre. Gianina Cărbunariu presents Artists Talk: a critique, dripping with irony, of artists and their level of commitment in the modern world. In 2014, at the Avignon Festival, Gianina Cărbunariu explored […]


Le faiseur de théâtre

Main auditorium

Performed by André Marcon, Manuela Beltran, Éric Caruso, Barbara Creutz, Agathe L’Huillier, Jules Pélissier

Completely hopeless, wonderfully sarcastic, the great Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard takes a vitriolic look at our petty, tragicomic lives. He talks in digressions, he never stops pontificating. He holds forth on life, on art – as well as on the […]