May 2018


Professor Bernhardi

Main auditorium

Performed by Damir Avdic, Veronika Bachfischer, Thomas Bading, Robert Beyer, Johannes Flaschberger, Christoph Gawenda, Moritz Gottwald, Jorg Hartmann, Laurenz Laufenberg, Eva Meckbach, David Ruland, Sebastian Schwarz, Konrad Singer, Lukas Turtur

Professor Bernhardi, a doctor and the director of a renowned clinic, stops a priest from giving the last rites to a dying young woman who, in her delirious state, believes she has been cured of her illness, and because he […]


Trintignant Mille Piazzolla

Main auditorium

Performed by Jean-Louis Trintignant et les musiciens Daniel Mille, Grégoire Korniluk, Paul Colomb, Frédéric Deville (en alternance avec Jérôme Huille), Diego Imbert

Characterised by an instantly recognisable voice, the tango consisting of Jean-Louis Trintignant and Daniel Mille has enchanted audiences for over ten years. Here, the actor inserts his libertarian poetry into powerful yet delicate orchestral arrangements by the accordionist in Astor […]


Botala Mindele

Main auditorium

Performed by Priscilla Adade, Valérie Bauchau, Stéphane Bissot, Ansou Diedhiou, Philippe Jeusette, Benoit Van Dorslaer et Jérémie Zagba

Ruben and Mathilda have invited Daniel and his wife to dinner. Daniel has a business project involving the Congolese authorities, and he needs Ruben’s help in contacting the relevant minister. But that same evening the minister informs Ruben that the […]