Pierre-Yves Lenoir et Claudia Stavisky


Directors: Claudia Stavisky and Pierre-Yves Lenoir
assisted by Chantal Demonet

Communication, Booking & and PR department

Head of Public Relations and Communications: Érika Brunet assisted by Catherine Fritsch


Public relations: Marie-Françoise Palluy-Asseilly, Didier Richard, Jérémy Engler
assisted by Myriam Déléage


Communications Manager: Florence Chabanet
Communications officer: Céline Chauvin
Webmaster: Marjorie Quincy-Pingeon
Press and Media Relations Manager: Magali Folléa


Box office and Front of House manager: Alexandra Faure-Tavan
Box office assistants: Marine Carecchio, Mélanie Chalchat, Marion Morat, Virginie Saigne, Audrey Thiolouse
Audience Reception: Geoffray Chantelot
Switchboard operators: Dalila Dardiche, Myriam Giraud



Head of artistic production and tours: Emmanuel Serafini
Production managers: Caroline Begalla, Véronique Fayard, Nolwenn Käsbach


Administrative, financial and HR manager: Stéphanie Devissaguet
Administrator pays: Patricia Barral
Book-keeper: Adeline Godin
Accounting manager: Lucie P.
Apprenti comptable : Anthony Dufour



Technical director: Antoine Picq assisted by Naïma Boudjadi
Assistant technical director: Sylvestre Mercier
Stage manager: Robert Goulier
Stage manager, in charge of creations, productions and outer events: Laurent Patissier
Stage manager, loaded receptions and other factual demonstrations: Jean-Louis Stanislas
Stage manager: Bertrand Pinot
Flyman, technical referent flies: Yannick Mornieux,
Flyman: Gilles Demarle
Props: Jean-Stephan Moiroud
Light managers : Mustapha Ben Cheikh, Frédéric Donche, Daniel Rousset
Wardrobe-keeper manager: Bruno Torres
Wardrobe-keeper: Florian Emma
Building manager: James Alejandro
Assistant building manager: Nasser Hallaf
Keeper: Bougouma Fall

As well as the host teams and the intermittent teams of the Célestins, Théâtre de Lyon.