Scenes from an execution

    Howard Barker
    Claudia Stavisky
    Jean-Michel Déprats (© éditions Théâtrales, 2001)
    Performed by
    David Ayala, Éric Caruso, Christiane Cohendy, Anne Comte, Luc-Antoine Diquéro, Sava Lolov, Philippe Magnan, Julie Recoing, Richard Sammut et la voix de Didier Sandre de la Comédie-Française

    In Renaissance Venice, Galactia, a strong-minded woman and talented painter, is commissioned to paint a work to commemorate the Battle of Lepanto. However, she chooses not to depict an apology for the battle, opting instead to illustrate the true nature of war and its litany of dead and tortured bodies. Raw, cruel and lucid, Scenes from an Execution relates the destiny of a highly-determined woman, played here by Christiane Cohendy in an unrestrained and powerful performance. Using the poetic, lively and biting language of Howard Barker, Claudia Stavisky continues her exploration of the tensions between the intimate and the political and the relationship between painting a work of art and the death of the creative experience at the hands of those who commissioned the piece. As is to be expected, Barker was never going to conclude this confrontation with a comforting moral message, preferring as he does to offer a refreshingly bitter and cynical verdict on the nature of art and politics.

    Running time
    2 : 15
    Main auditorium

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      Scénography – Graciela Galán / Costumes – Lili Kendaka / Lights – Franck Thévenon / Sound – Jean-Louis Imbert / Make-up and hairstyle – Cécile Kretschmar / Drawings and graphic design – Stephan Zimmerli / Video – Laurent Langlois  / Artistic collaboration – Alexandre de Dardel

      Production : Célestins – Théâtre de Lyon
      Coproduction : Comédie de Caen – Centre dramatique national de Normandie, la Comédie de Saint-Étienne – Centre dramatique national
      With the support of the Grand Lyon – la métropole

      Tableau d’une exécution is published by Éditions Théâtrales (2001) in French.

      Frist performed in November, 15th 2016 at Théâtre des Célestins

      Claudia Stavisky n’aurait sans doute pas monté ce texte sans Christiane Cohendy, interprète exceptionnelle qui trouve là un personnage à sa démesure. Le Figaro

      Avec Christiane Cohendy dans le rôle de la peintre Galactia, Claudia Stavisky montre et fait entendre toute la finesse et la complexité de ce texte. La Terrasse

      Philippe Magnan est incroyable de justesse dans le rôle d’Urgentino qui représente l’État, sa froideur fait peur.